What is a full stack?

A 'full stack' is a set of technologies required to be used to run a server. There are 3 major parts to a full-stack:

  • Front End - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, usually full stack abbreviations indicate the JavaScript frameworks used, but not necessary to include.
  • Back End - Python, Ruby, C#, Java, PHP, usually specifying the programming language use and/or the framework for the language.
  • Database - SQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, specifying the database used for the stack, but not required.

Full stack is referring to the series of technologies used in a 'stack', but the stack name may not directly indicate all technologies. That said, it's good to know that a full-stack developer, is one that can build a full web application. They don't need a database person, or a back-end person, or a front-end person to get their project done.