The goal of this course is to introduce the basic concepts of computer programming. The course is designed specifically for those who are new to programming.

When it comes to coding/programming, all programs (web, mobile, desktop, robots, etc) are built using essentially a few building blocks: variables, if/else statements, arrays, for loops, and functions.

Combining these five building blocks allows developers to create whatever they can imagine (e.g. a mobile application, a desktop application, web application, operating systems, AR/VR applications, computer programs used to run robots). A good programmer knows how to combine these building blocks well and a programmer who is not yet good is not yet skilled at combining these building blocks the right way.

The goal of this mini course is to help you see how these building blocks are combined to create something. To allow you to visually see how these building blocks can be used to create programs, we're going to use the browser (which already understand how to run Javascript programs) and a simple text editor to create your application. Although we're going to teach you some basic Javascript, HTML, and CSS to show you how you can combine these building blocks, the logics/skills you learn in this course can be applied for any type of programming (for building desktop, mobile, web, or any type of software).


What you'll learn will be as follows
  • (5 minutes) Introduction to Javascript
  • (10 minutes) Introduction to Basic HTML, CSS and Javascript - Ninja Walking Game
  • (15 minutes) Creating PacMan from Scratch!
  • (15 minutes) Creating Airplane shooting game from Scratch!


For those who are interested, there will be other optional chapters that allow you to go deeper. The goal is that within 30 minutes, you'll learn enough to be able to create a simple game!

For those interested in getting accepted to our programs, you could work work on the challenges for these games and during your interview, show us what you've built.