Setting up (Chrome + Sublime)

During this mini-course, all you need is a browser (we recommend you download Google Chrome) and a simple text editor (we recommend you use Sublime).

Browser already knows how to read/interpret HTML, CSS, and Javascript. For example, see the following video to see how you can start playing with Javascript using Chrome.

As mentioned earlier, all programs are essentially built using the following building blocks.

  • Variables
  • if/else - Conditional Statements
  • Arrays - technically this also a variable type but as this is so important, I have decided to put this as a separate item for loops
  • Functions

We custom built an application to help those new to coding understand how these building blocks are to be interpreted. If you want more in depth understanding of these building blocks, please spend 20-30 minutes on CodingDojo's algorithm app. You could also just proceed to the next step and later check out the algorithm app.

Once you finish the algorithm app, you'll get a lot closer to understanding how a computer works and get closer to understanding how a computer "thinks".