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IBM Tech Talks

Drop by Coding Dojo Dallas this year to talk tech with IBM! We'll be covering a range of hot topics and sharing insights around today's technology landscape. If you interested in learning about the Landscape of Emerging Tech, the Rise Of Enterprise Content Management, Blockchain 101, and more, then please complete our RSVP form for the talks you would like to attend. No programming experience needed. All tech talks are free and open to the public. Join as many as you would like!

To join, complete our RSVP form and select which talks you would like to attend. All tech talks are free and open to the public. Join as many as you would like!

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  • All tech talks are free and open to the public
  • Friends, family, and walk-ins are welcome!
  • Talks will be held at our Dallas campus

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Check out our upcoming events below. They're free to attend so sign up for as many as you like. Use the form below to choose from the tech talk offerings and contact info.

Upcoming Events

February: Analytics/Statistics - 2/8/18

Today, blockchain is a hot topic, and the beginnings of this concept started with the emergence of the digital currency called Bitcoin. This tech talk will provide a blockchain 101 introductory and fundamentals overview: discussing blockchain as a disruptive innovation. Topics and use cases will cover how blockchain presents the opportunity to impact most industry (if not all) business transactions on a global scale.

April: IOT - 4/25/18

What is the Internet of Things? And, why is it one of the most important technological inventions to date? This tech talk will explore the vast applications of the Internet of Things and how it impacts our everyday lives. Additionally, the elements that are required for this technology and how they work together will be discussed as well as any challenges this technology has in the face of opportunity.

March: ECM - 3/1/18

Enterprise Content Management, ECM, is a set of tools for managing an organization's set of documents and unstructured data. Analytics is a topic typically reserved for structured data. This topic will discuss why ECM is important and required from the business point of W. The topic also provides examples of ECM as well as some business processes on how and why they benefit from analytical information. This topic is at a business leveland not at a technical integration level.

May: Cops, Robbers, and Analysts - 5/9/18

In 2015, IBM recruited the leader of a criminal intelligence unit to assist other agencies with implementing predictive policing strategies. The math, technology, and art behind these approaches will be explored in this tech talk. Join us and peek into how data science has been applied to catching the criminals!

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