$1Million in Scholarships and Counting

At Coding Dojo, we witness how learning to code can bridge the widening gap between the poor and affluent on a daily basis. Being coding fluent is a powerful tool for people looking to increase their income to support themselves and their families, ensuring job security and more.

The hard numbers certainly back up our analysis. Recent findings show an entry-level web developer or computer programmer can easily earn over $60,000 and accomplished coders can earn well north of $100,000. That’s compared to the typical American family income of $53,657 in 2014, DOWN from $54,462 a year earlier according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Despite the obvious benefits of learning to code, not everyone has the financial means to do so. And since Coding Dojo believes in transforming lives no matter what it takes, we don’t want financial barriers to get in the way of helping people succeed.

That’s why I’m excited to share that we have now given out more than $1 million dollars in scholarships since Coding Dojo launched in 2013!

To be exact, we’ve supplemented $1,155,076.85 of Coding Dojo tuition costs to 43 percent of all students who have come through the Dojo’s doors. This money has helped advance women in technology, military veterans transitioning to civilian careers, entrepreneurs trying to turn their ideas into reality and so much more.

Justin Christian is a prime example of a scholarship student who changed their life thanks to taking a bet on Coding Dojo. Before Coding Dojo, he and his fiance were surprised with a baby on the way and Justin was working in a job that only paid a little over minimum wage. After receiving a College Scholarship, he made the 1,820 mile trek from Kansas City, Missouri to Seattle to participate in Coding Dojo’s 14-week full stack development program. After graduation Justin returned to Kansas City and, only a month later, accepted an offer from Homebase as a front-end developer and more than doubled his salary!


At Coding Dojo, we have a number of options for people looking for financial assistance to enhance their career:

  • The College Scholarship is for current college students and recent graduates looking either to enhance or change career paths for the better, but who lack the financial strength to do so.
  • The Career Reinvention Scholarship helps experienced professionals who have “hit a wall” and are eager to reinvent their careers, but unable to afford the professional assistance required to refine their skill sets.
  • The Military Retraining Scholarship assists military veterans and current servicemen/women to transition their careers to web software development.
  • The Women in Tech Scholarship gives aspiring female computer programmers who require financial assistance the monetary assistance they need to launch their careers. This initiative is offered to support women in the technology industry, who as a demographic are highly underrepresented.
  • The Impact Scholarship is intended for aspiring developers who want to learn coding to inspire significant change in their own lives or the lives of others. For instance, do you work at a non-profit that wants to extend its reach? Do you have a passion or idea for making a difference through technology but don’t have the skills needed to turn that dream into a reality?

But we’re not stopping at the scholarship programs we currently offer. Coding Dojo is exploring new ways to support the costs of attending Coding Dojo including childcare, rent, transportation and a laptop. Because while tuition is perhaps the costliest part of attending Coding Dojo, everyday life adds up quickly.

In the meantime, we’d like to congratulate our hundreds of graduates who have utilized Coding Dojo’s scholarship program to better their life situation. We’re looking forward to many more in the coming years!

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6 thoughts on “$1Million in Scholarships and Counting

  1. I am currently working full time as an EMT with EMSA here in Tulsa. Since I was little I’ve always had a natural “niche” in tech but never expanded into the field. I am eager to learn how to code and implement my skills in a way that will improve public health and public health education through the web and mobile means. Please let me know how I would apply or be considered for a scholarship to the coding dojo! 🙂

  2. i want to have a scholarship please give me a list with the best scholarship and its requirements .thx

  3. I would be a Reinvention Student as defined above….. I have a finance degree from a 4 year college however technology advances are leaving me behind professionally.

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