5 (More) Programming Books Recommended by Our Followers

We received a handful of book recommendations from web developers around the world in response to our Best Programming Books blog. With this, we’re adding five additional books to our ultimate reading list for developers. If you get through just one of these books this year, consider yourself a level-up in the game.

Why read a book when search engines and forums are readily available at your fingertips?

Search engines and community forums are a staple resource for programmers, but there’s really no way to compare the scope of knowledge and perspective that comes from reading books. Keep in mind, not all programming books are the same! The best types of programming books are ones that explain the how and the why.

With this list, you won’t find a book that’ll teach you how to become a Javascript star overnight, but you may find one that teaches you new techniques for solving algorithms or one that deepens your understanding of the abstract world of computers.

Well, let’s get to it then! Here are 5 additional reads recommended by our users:


1. Working Effectively with Legacy Code

By Michael C. Feathers

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Working with legacy code can sometimes be a dizzying task, but Working Effectively with Legacy Code provides best practices and techniques to help dissolve any frustration. From introducing testing to legacy code to optimization strategies, this book has you covered.

2. Eloquent Javascript

By Marijn Haverbeke

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Want to level-up in a powerhouse language? Eloquent JavaScript provides just that in its one-of-a-kind developer guide on JavaScript. Author Marijn Haverbeke leads readers through introductory to complex topics with ease, scoring high remarks from beginner and experienced developers alike. Eloquent JavaScript is a must read!

3. The Algorithm Design Manual

By Steven S Skiena

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Have you ever been dealt a tricky algorithm?  This book dives deep into the design of algorithms and can provide key alternatives for your approach and solving strategy.  Upon completing this book, you can expect to gain a new set of problem solving tactics to help you advance as a developer.


4. Grokking Algorithms: An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people

By Aditya Bhargava

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Novice programmers can lay a solid foundation with Grokking Algorithms. Listed as an illustrated guide, this book provides ample challenges to improve your understanding and level-up your skill-set. You’ll be challenged to apply algorithms to practical problems, utilizing and sharpening your introductory Python knowledge.


5. Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

By Charles Petzold

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Endorsed by Microsoft and highly recommended by developers all around the globe, Code provides a distinct perspective and understanding of computer science. With Code, you’ll explore the magic below the surface of your favorite language and uncover certain mysteries unique to programming.

Thank you to our followers for your helpful suggestions! If you have any other “must read” books to add for next time, please share!

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