Can I Really Become a Programmer in 14 Weeks?

We get it. Learning how to code in 14 weeks may seem impossible.

After all, it’s hard to realistically picture someone who has never written a line of code becoming a working programmer in just a matter of weeks.

That is, unless you’ve experienced it first-hand like Coding Dojo alumni Kyle, who went from an Alaskan fisherman to working as a developer at J.P. Morgan. Or Coding Dojo alumni Anthony, who went on to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams after graduation, and launched a virtual pharmaceutical start-up.

It’s not by luck that our alumni — many who had zero coding experience coming into the Dojo — go on to become successful developers after graduation.

Perfecting The Learning Formula

Over the years, we have perfected our formula to accelerate the learning process and, in 14 weeks, teach more material than any other coding bootcamp in the world.

That is the Coding Dojo difference, and why we we can confidently say — yes, you can become a programmer in just 14 weeks!

And, not just any programmer, but a highly skilled full-stack developer.

The Secret Ingredients

We strip out all of the ‘extra fat’ often found in traditional curriculum and subscribe to the 80/20 rule: focusing on the 20 percent of the information students will use 80 percent of the time, instead of 80 percent of the material that can only be applied 20 percent of the time.

Rather than teach our students everything and anything there is to do with coding, we stick to the essentials.  

We believe that our students will be more nimble coders and quicker learners if we focus on building a solid programming foundation first that can be built off later as new technologies and languages emerge. In this way, Coding Dojo’s curriculum is designed to fully utilize the program’s 14 weeks.

Our program also requires full immersion.

A fast-paced environment fosters collaboration, not competition, and forces students to build a team to work through tasks and complete assignments.

Lastly, unlike traditional universities with a quarter system, the accelerated learning at coding bootcamps has a singular focus: coding.  You won’t have to worry about passing history or English in addition to learning how to code – you will just code, for 14 weeks.

While it’s natural to doubt the success of a program in the beginning, as the curriculum progresses, our students quickly gain confidence as they begin to solve real problems, build web applications and think like true software developers.

Still Don’t Believe Us?

Check out our student success stories to hear first hand how learning to program in 14 weeks is possible!


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2 thoughts on “Can I Really Become a Programmer in 14 Weeks?

  1. I’ve been interested in attending a coding bootcamp, but what is your schedule? I’m in a MBA program concentrating in IT managment and cybersecurity but they don’t teach coding, and I’d be interested in learning full stack development between terms if you had a night program? I take classes a couple days a week starting at 6:30pm, and I’d apply to your program if it’s offered at night and weekends. Of course I’d take a break from my management classes for your course, or apply right after I graduate with my MBA. I really want to get into the IT sector as a developer, and possibly start a company.

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