Coding Dojo Students Test Drive the Uber API

Starting this week, Coding Dojo students will have the opportunity to get their hands on Uber’s API to surface new creative applications as part of their coding bootcamp curriculum. Uber’s API lets third-party developers create a way for users to request rides from within their own apps. Coding Dojo will be partnering directly with Uber to offer current and future students a range of assignments and projects during the 14-week course to get them ramped up on Uber’s API platform.

In addition to in-class learning, Coding Dojo students will have the opportunity to participate in private Uber Hack-a-thons to unlock their creativity, with the first one taking place at Coding Dojo’s Silicon Valley campus May 29-31.

During the Hack-a-thon, students will have 48 hours to build an app using Uber’s API that must tap into the social good by helping the community or a non-profit of the students’ choice. A panel of judges from Uber and Coding Dojo will select the winner.

The team at Coding Dojo is excited to partner with Uber and see how students can extend the Uber platform in novel ways!

If you’re interested in joining the next 14-week program and learning how to use APIs like Uber’s you can sign up here!

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