Coding Dojo Academy Launches

Coding Dojo Academy is launching as a beta this week and we have one main goal in mind, to help people gain new skills and become outstanding developers. While our original bootcamp is designed to take those who have tried programming all the way to becoming a developer, this new platform is for both experienced developers as well as those who are brand new to coding, helping you sharpen your skills or get a jump start on a brand new field.

We designed Coding Dojo Academy to help beginners and experienced developers expand their technical skills in the most prominent languages and frameworks of today.” – Speros Misirlakis

Coding Dojo has a proven reputation of transforming students with little to no engineering background into successful, full-stack developers. With true introductory courses from trusted industry leading experts, Coding Dojo Academy is uniquely qualified to be the introduction to programming for anyone looking to level up. For those that look to push their skills to a new level, there will be advanced offerings that should provide plenty of challenges. When new career opportunities arise or you want to advance in your field, it is vital that you gain the technical skills necessary to make that change.

“Coding Dojo Academy combines the online course learning experience with community engagement, live support and  live lectures with open Q&A.” – Speros Misirlakis

Utilizing a unique combination of our custom built learning platform, open forum chat options, and live lectures, students of Coding Dojo Academy will be supported throughout the entire process. Having taught thousands of developers over the years, Coding Dojo brings this community to our new product, allowing new users to lean on former students and developers to find real insight. Our platform, like always, is crafted by industry thought leaders on each subject while providing the best practices for any developer, regardless of skill level. Coding Dojo Academy will allow you to pace yourself through our curriculum, learning on your own schedule, to meet your goals.

Our mission at Coding Dojo is to transform lives through programming literacy, and with this in mind, we found an amazing opportunity to provide an educational resource for new learners who just need help getting started, and to experienced developers striving to achieve the next step in their career. The game of life is tough, level up with Coding Dojo Academy.



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