Introducing the Coding & Innovation Bootcamp by MIT Bootcamps & Coding Dojo

Plan, Build & Launch Your Startup in Weeks

If Silicon Valley has taught us anything, it’s that the most effective modern entrepreneurs are able to combine: 1) Drive, determination & belief in their ideas; and 2) A set of business & technical skills that allow them to build a startup with little help.

If you have the drive but need accelerated entrepreneurial training and the technical skills to make your ideas a reality, then we have the program for you! We’re proud to announce a collaboration with MIT Bootcamps, a division of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology focused on accelerated learning programs, to launch The Coding and Innovation Bootcamp.

The first program of its kind, this 10-week program pairs the leadership & innovation principles taught by MIT Bootcamps with the real programming skills of Coding Dojo for one sole purpose: To allow entrepreneurs to take their ideas from a concept to a successful company on their own.

Over the course of the program, students will first learn the best-in-class methods for identifying a viable idea and making a real-world business plan to show its value. First, students will attend an intensive three-week online bootcamp led by MIT instructors. There you will learn entrepreneurial problem discovery and problem solving, foundations for building a superior solution and the business model to deliver that solution.

Then, students will have a short break before attending a six-week online Coding Dojo bootcamp. During this computer programming crash course, students will learn web and software development fundamentals including HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript, as well as the full Python programming stack.

Best of all, this program does not require a college degree or other business school prerequisites. Plain and simple: If a student joining this bootcamp brings the drive and determination to the equation, we’ll provide the entrepreneurial training and skills.

The first cohort starts September 14, 2020 and we expect this program to fill very quickly. Apply and save your seat today!

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