Hackathon Winners Revealed!

We just held our first Coding Dojo Hackathon! The participants have enrolled students and their goal was to be creative and build an interactive game using JavaScript.

The ninjas only had a couple of days to finish their projects and learn new cool things in JavaScript. The rules were to use their own JavaScript code and they were allowed to use jQuery as well if needed.

This is the first time that the ninjas have developed something in JavaScript (with a limited amount of time, too) and the result projects are rather impressive!

And we present to you, the winners of the first ever Coding Dojo Hackathon:

1st place goes to Team Lone Wolf, developed by Joseph Melton in Seattle
Play Game
Joseph Melton
2nd place goes to Me, Myself, and I, developed by Jeremy Griffith in Seattle
Jeremy Griffith
3rd place goes to Rage Quit, developed by Jerry Lin in Mountain View
Play Game
The winners received gift cards from Amazon. Congrats, everyone, and great work!

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