Inspiring Women Making Their Mark on the Tech World

Tech—like so much else in the working world—used to be the domain of just men. But no longer:

Women are making more and more inroads into this vital sector of the global economy. And there’s promise of even more change, especially for the younger generations, as science, technology, engineering, and math careers (also known as STEM) are emphasized across gender lines.

One of the best ways for young women to understand the potential and find the motivation for STEM careers is for them to find mentors or examples. Those women give them a way to think about structuring a career or thinking about the possibilities of tech for their future. That goes with established tech companies such as Google and newer tech ventures, too. Take the founder of Hello Alfred, Marcela Sapone: She won a new startup award recognizing her innovative approach to personal help for the home.

What does the future of tech look like for women? Use this graphic to find out.



Courtesy of Kaylee White @ Ghergich & Co

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