4 Programming Trends In 2017 Every Developer Needs To Understand

Programming trends are important for developers to understand, as doing so helps them prepare for the opportunities that quantum computing, big data, and mixed reality might bring to all computing sectors, including commercial computing.

This year takes us one step closer to a future articulated in classic and influential science fiction (such as the Jetsons). Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and quantum computing teeter on the brink of mainstream. As a coding instructor and curriculum designer, I spend a lot of time thinking about where the tech industry is headed, to prepare my students for that new world.

I recently wrote about four of these trends every developer should expect and understand, which you can check out over on InformationWeek’s website.

To understand where we’re going in the future, it can also be helpful to review the past. If you’re interested, take a look back at trends from 2016, such as the growth of the new Javascript/ES6, backend as a service (BaaS), easy image management and deployment, more reliance on functional programming languages, and the shift toward material design and commonality of patterns. You can find my post about the major programming trends of 2016 on the blog.

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