Announcing the Teaching Washington Teachers Scholarship

Teachers are one of, if not the most underappreciated profession in the US. They have such a huge impact on children’s lives and are a core source of inspiration for the future leaders of America. Everyone remembers at least one teacher from their childhood, as well as the motivation and knowledge they instilled.

Teachers should be held in the same high regard as movie stars, professional athletes, executives, etc. – but unfortunately, they’re not. While we can’t change societal values, we can give back to the individuals who give so much to teach our nation’s children.

That’s why today we’re launching a special scholarship for teachers. In Washington state, there has recently been announcement after announcement of widespread teacher layoffs. Some school districts (we’re looking at you Tacoma) are more than $38M in the red and many others have $15M+ budget shortfalls.

Why? Depends on who you ask. But one thing is certain: while administrators, politicians, and bureaucrats argue over who is to blame, the teachers and staff affected by these cuts need real and immediate solutions. 

So we’re offering $420,000 worth of scholarships, which equates to free tuition for 30 teachers affected by these layoffs. Applicants must enroll in the June, July, August, or September cohorts, for either the online program or onsite program at our Bellevue campus. For application information, terms, and conditions, please contact Seattle Program Manager Shiraz Sultan via

Teachers can use the program to upskill and get a higher-paying job as a developer. Or, if they want to continue their teaching career, we know plenty of bootcamps (including us) are hiring instructors. The entire bootcamp industry can benefit from their passion and dedication to education. If they go work for our direct competitors, great! We can rest easy knowing we helped teachers in need and ushered more coding educators and advocates into the world.

This program is reserved for teachers in Washington state, but we plan to roll this out in our other markets in the near future – stay tuned!

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