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Software Development Data Science Cybersecurity
Price $9,995 - $16,995 $10,995 or $15,995 $16,995
Length 16 - 34 weeks 16 or 24 weeks 24 weeks
Typical Time Commitment 10-70 hrs/wk 30 hrs/wk 30 hrs/week

Programming Basics, Web Fundamentals, Python, JavaScript, Java, C#.Net, Project & Algorithms. Learn More

Data Science Fundamentals, Python, SQL, Data Enrichment, Machine Learning, Data Visualization in Tableau. Learn More

Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Kali Linux, Pentesting, Response & Forensics, Prep for CompTIA Security+ & CySA+ Exams. Learn More

Project Options Full-Time Part-Time Flex Part-Time Accelerated Part-Time Part-Time

This may be a good fit if you...

You like to understand how things work and consider yourself an analytical thinker. A true problem solver, you’ve taken things apart and put them back together not just to solve the puzzle, but understand how it all works together “under the hood”. This program can be good for students who work in a team towards a common goal.

Are you curious about “why is this happening?”, think outside of the box in the grey area, and consider all the facts? You may consider Data Science! Instead of focusing on what makes something work, you’re focused on predicting what could happen and are confident in your findings.

You consider yourself a problem solver from multiple perspectives; defensive, offensive, or both. If you stay up to date with the latest trends, challenge the status quo with “what if” scenarios, consider yourself competitive, and have lateral thinking skills you may find yourself in Cybersecurity.

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At Coding Dojo, we truly believe that anyone can learn to code regardless of their professional background. After teaching 13,000+ students, we've found that determination is the top factor to student success-- NOT coding experience. This is why you won't find a coding challenge or technical assessment.

Upcoming Course Dates

  • 11December

    Part-Time Accelerated SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT

    • December 11, 2023
    • 18-34 weeks of program

    Tue, Wed, Thu lecture days

  • 8January


    • January 8, 2024
    • 16 weeks of program

    Mon - Fri lecture days

  • 8January

    Part-Time Accelerated SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT

    • January 8, 2024
    • 18-34 weeks of program

    Tue, Wed, Thu lecture days

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