What is an ISA?

  • An Income Share Agreement (ISA) provides funding for your education in exchange for a percentage of your salary once you’ve landed a job after graduation.

  • ISAs are an agreement that allows you to enroll in a full-time Coding Dojo program at no cost (outside an initial deposit) until you secure earned income of at least $32,000 a year. Income Sharing Agreements are not available to residents of California.

  • The percentage of your salary and number of payments would remain the same (regardless of any salary increases or decreases) until the repayment cap is met or all the payments are made, whichever happens first.

At Coding Dojo, We Believe In You.

ISA payments are based on your future income. If you do not have earned income above $32,000 a year, your ISA payments pause. When you aren’t eligible to make payments, there will be no extra fees, additional interest or credit score impact.

Want to know what your payment plan would look like? Please use our payment calculator.

How do I apply?

  • 1.
    Apply to your Coding Dojo full-time program of choice

    Our admissions team will review your application and lead you through being accepted to the program.

  • 2.
    Apply for the ISA

    This will happen through our ISA partner Mia Share. ISA approval is based on an application with criteria set by Coding Dojo and Mia Share. Both teams will review your application and make a decision whether or not you qualify for an ISA. Income Sharing Agreements are not available to residents of California.

  • 3.
    Review and confirm your ISA terms

    Our ISA terms are fixed 9.50% - 9.80% of your future earned income paid back monthly with a total of 20-48 monthly payments depending on tuition size. This means your ISA will end when you complete the number of monthly payments or when you reach the repayment cap, whichever happens first.

  • 4.
    Confirm your spot in the program with a $1,000 deposit

    This deposit reserves your seat in the class, and it is not included in the ISA.

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