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What Is The Coding & InnovationBootcamp?

The first program of its kind, The Coding & Innovation Bootcamp pairs the leadership & innovation principles taught by MIT Bootcamps with the real programming skills of Coding Dojo for one sole purpose: To allow entrepreneurs to take their ideas from a concept to a successful company on their own.

Over the course of 10 weeks, students will first learn the best-in-class methods for identifying a viable idea and making a real-world business plan to show its value. In the latter half of the bootcamp, students learn the essential building blocks of coding so that they can develop, prototype and bring their product to real users.

Stop wondering if your idea could work.
Build it with the best minds in business & technology.
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What Tech Skills Will You Learn

Coding Dojo's six-week online coding bootcamp teaches you to build out your product vision! You’ll learn the fundamentals of web and software development including HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript, and the full Python programming stack

  • Web Fundamentals

    Master the building blocks of computer programming.

    Technologies you will learn:

    • - HTML, CSS & JavaScript
    • - Advanced jQuery
    • - Git/Github & Terminal
    • - Responsive Web Design
    • - Bootstrap

    Topics covered:

    • - Front-end Development
    • - Frameworks & Libraries
    • - Wireframes & Mockups
    • - Code Version Control
  • Full Stack Development

    Complete your training with the full Python stack so you can make your ideas a reality.

    Technologies you will learn:

    • - Python
    • - MySQL
    • - Django
    • - Ajax

    Topics covered:

    • - OOP in Python
    • - SQL Queries & ERD Diagrams
    • - Web Security Basics
    • - Application Deployment

What Business Skills Will You Learn

First, you'll attend an intensive three-week entrepreneurial online bootcamp led by MIT instructors. Throughout the three weeks, you'll be introduced to the foundations of entrepreneurial problem discovery and problem-solving, the underpinnings of creating any successful venture.

  • Foundations of Entrepreneurial Thinking

    • Ideation for problem discovery and solution development
    • Customer sensemaking to understand unmet needs
    • Building a strong value proposition and solution that can deliver on it
  • Pitch Your Solution & Break

    Pitch your solution to MIT Bootcamps for feedback, then a short break before jumping into tech in Week 5!

In 10 Weeks, Learn the Skills to Make Your Ideas a Reality

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”
- Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance
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After 10 Weeks, What Will YouHave Accomplished?

  • Ideation for problem discovery and solution development
  • Customer sensemaking to understand unmet needs
  • Building a strong value proposition and solution that can deliver on it
  • Master the building blocks of programming with Web Fundamentals
  • Full Stack Python development to build your first tech product

Who Should Attend The Bootcamp?

If Silicon Valley has taught us anything, it’s that the most effective modern entrepreneurs are able to combine: 1) Drive, determination & belief in their ideas; and 2) A set of business & technical skills that allow them to build a startup with little help.

Plain and simple: If a student joining this bootcamp brings the drive & determination of an entrepreneur to the equation, we’ll provide the skills.

This means regardless of their current educational or professional background, what we require from our students is proof of an entrepreneurial spirit that won’t just push them through the program, but will be necessary for their success after graduation.

Where Do You Attend Bootcamp?

This wouldn’t be a bootcamp for cutting-edge entrepreneurs if it were confined to a physical classroom.

All lectures, assignments and tests for the bootcamp will be 100% online!

In the same workspace where you first came up with your industry-disrupting idea, you’ll learn the actual skills you need to bring it to life.

All that’s required from you besides your commitment is a computer, webcam & internet.

Upcoming Course Dates

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On campus classes are temporarily held virtual due to COVID regulations

On campus instruction will resume as soon as we can!

Payment Plans

Deposits are required to reserve your seat in the bootcamp, and are refundable until day 1 of class.

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    Standard 3 Payments

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    • Installment 1

      1st half of remaining tuition

      Due by 1st Friday of class

    • Installment 2

      2nd half of remaining tuition

      Due week 7 of bootcamp

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    Pay in Full 1 Payment

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      Up to $500 off total tuition for full payment

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