Upskill, Reskill, or Scale Your Workforce

Digital transformation and automation are threatening to displace or completely replace many of your workers. The good news is that there is high demand for skilled workers in emerging technologies.

Is your company prepared for the future?

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Future-Proof Your Workforce

Digital transformation has impacted every company in every single industry. In this new, digital-first era, everyone has had to adopt new technologies in order to remain competitive and productive. Whereas before, companies could succeed by hiring employees with precisely calibrated skills to create and deliver services at scale, today the most valued employees are those that demonstrate agility, resilience, emotional intelligence, problem solving, and so much more. Your employees shouldn’t just be measured by how much experience they have; they must demonstrate adaptability and innovation in the face of constant disruption.

Coding Dojo’s leading curriculum has fueled digital transformation for some of the world’s leading enterprises and for thousands of students. We have flexible solutions no matter what your needs are: corporate training held onsite (at your office or at one of our campuses), online, or hybrid training for 10 to thousands of your employees; content licensing; or talent placement. We are also happy to customize a training solution for your exact needs.


Invest In Your People

Your employees are your company’s most important asset. Many corporations are choosing to invest in their employees by expanding their initiatives within talent and development and even diversity and inclusion. Here’s how Coding Dojo can help:


Investing in Your People is a Win-Win-Win

Improve retention and boost morale through training and development opportunities that show your employees you care about their future.

Increase customer satisfaction with happier employees who love what they do.

Attract new talent by using satisfied employees as your brand advocates.

32% of respondents identified lack of investment as the greatest barrier to workforce development in their company.


40% of employees admit lack of career development is a key driver of their dissatisfaction.


Enterprise Solutions Tailored For You

Create custom training sessions in any subject matter, any duration, to deliver real business value. Choose from hands-on, onsite training or hands-on remote learning with virtual collaboration or a hybrid solution.

  • Onsite

    (In-person at your office or our campus)

    • Part-time + full-time options
    • 1/3/6 week formats
    • Immersive learning
    • 24x7 platform access
  • Online

    (Remote live and on-demand)

    • Part-time + full-time options
    • 1/3/6 week formats
    • Real-time support
    • 24x7 platform access
  • Hybrid


    • Choose from a combination of what works best for you

Gain full access to our end-to-end learning management system. Includes hundreds of hours of readings, video, tutorials, assignments, and projects.

  • White-Label Content

    • “White label” custom learning tracks built around Coding Dojo content to engineer specific job-ready outcomes
    • Dojo content to engineer specific job-ready outcomes
  • Host Your Content on the LMS

    • Deliver your content using the Learn Platform as the delivery vehicle
  • Flexibility for Your Needs

    • Custom options available

Partner with us to build a highly skilled new team. We can place our qualified alumni into your open roles and/or help you upskill/reskill your workforce.

  • Talent Pipeline

    • We are a source of top tech talent for emerging technologies like Data Science, Web Development, UI/UX, Product Management, Cybersecurity, Blockhain, and iOS
  • Diversity and Inclusion

    • Leverage talent from our diverse alumni made up of 61% minorities, 24% women, and 100+ veterans and counting, or if your company runs a diversity in tech program, send those hires to Coding Dojo for training
  • Flexibility for Your Needs

    • Custom options available
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Transforming Lives Through Programming Literacy

Coding Dojo has been a leader in the education space since 2012.

Over the years, we’ve been recognized in the EdTech space and have also won various industry and social good awards. Learn more about the awards we’ve won.


Coding Dojo is a leading coding education company that offers a three-full-stack programming bootcamp, as well as courses on in-demand emerging technologies, such as Data Science, Web Development, UI/UX, Product Management, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and iOS. Since 2012, we have been the only 14-week bootcamp program available that can successfully train developers in three full stacks. Our innovative curriculum and learning management system are designed to train students to become self-sufficient developers, regardless of their technical background, and is based on over 10 years of learning science.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Talk to us to customize a program for you.


A Trusted Partner Across Industries

We believe in your people and their limitless growth potential. We have worked with all industries and with companies ranging in various sizes. Talk to us to learn more.

“Coding Dojo is a technology education company that is passionate about transforming lives through programming literacy. It's been a pleasure working with their team, whether it's coordinating instruction staff to lead existing Microsoft Reactor workshops or developing new curriculum for our upcoming workshops.

Whether you're looking for a thought leader in the technology space, need a custom curriculum developed for your learning initiatives, or want to develop in-house educational programs from scratch, you can count on Coding Dojo.”

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Reactors

Success Stories

amazon Image


Amazon pledged $700 million to upskill 100,000 of its U.S. workers by 2025.


Coding Dojo offered coding web development classes on evening and weekends to warehouse workers who wanted to explore higher-paying opportunities in technology fields. We also offered career placement services.

Microsoft Center


Microsoft Reactors are community engagement spaces supported by Microsoft and designed to further the brand’s public engagement.


Coding Dojo delivered a variety of education and technology-related events for the Seattle and San Francisco locations in 2020. In 2021, Coding Dojo will expand to all global Reactor locations.

Los Angeles Childrens's Hospital


Children’s Hospital Los Angeles wanted to close the data science skills gap within their workforce by hiring from within.


Coding Dojo performed a pilot training program and helped upskill critical employees in data science with plans to expand in the near future.

Merit America Logo


Merit America provides a path to skilled careers for adults without Bachelor’s degrees.


Merit America licensed custom-designed content and the Coding Dojo Learn Platform to deliver cost-effective training and reskilling to asynchronous learners to prepare them for a new career.


Cutting-Edge Programs For In-Demand Skills

Our curriculum have been designed with over 10 years of learning science, and are refreshed every year to match the changing landscape.

Web Fundamentals

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Python Full Stack

Python, OOP, Flask, Django

C# Full Stack

C#, JavaScript, LINQ, Entity Framework, User Authentication, AJAX, AWS


JavaScript ES6, OOP, React, APIs, Express, MongoDB,, AWS


JavaScript, OOP, Express, MongoDB, Angular, Virtual Dom, CRUD, Deployment

Ruby Full Stack

Ruby, OOP, Models, Controllers and Views, Error-Driven Development, Layouts, Test-Driven Development, TDD, Authentication

Java Full Stack

Java, OOP, Routing, CRUD Operations, Queries/ORM

Blockchain Fundamentals
Bitcoin Fundamentals
Schools of Economics
Blockchain Decision Management Framework
Competitive Landscape
Product Vision
User Interviews
Stakeholder Management
Job Preparation

Mobile & Web

Getting Started with Research
Research Synthesis
Ideation & Concepting
Converging Design
Defining Visual Design Style
Developing High-Fidelity Designs
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Vulnerability Scanning and Management
Web Application Security Scanning
Network Analysis
Packet Analysis
Network Intrusion Detection
Host-Based Intrusion Detection
Python Fundamentals
Data Preparation
Data Analysis
Data Visualization
Statistical Inference
Machine Learning
Intro to Deep Learning

Don’t see a fit? Talk to us to explore a custom solution.

Diversity & inclusion

Changing Lives Through STEM

Coding Dojo is committed to transforming lives through programming literacy. We make technology training more inclusive and accessible for everyone, including women, minorities, veterans, and other underserved communities within tech.


Zach Jones

Support Engineer at Microsoft Previously: U.S. Marine Corp

Zach Jones, a U.S. Marine veteran, made the transition from trucker to Support Engineer role at Microsoft in less than one year.

But the journey wasn’t easy. He decided to pursue a programming career after his trucking business tanked, only to deal with COVID-19’s economical impact soon after graduating from Coding Dojo’s bootcamp.

Thanks to sheer determination, Zach went from being barely able to afford crucial medicine to planning to buy a house.


Yamin Hakizimana

Software Engineer at VYNYL Previously: Landscaper

Yamin Hakizimana was once an African refugee who was working as a landscaper and at a meatpacking plant in Boise, Idaho.

With some help from friends, the community, Coding Dojo, and non-profit organizations, Yamin enrolled in the bootcamp even though he had never typed on a computer before.

He passed with flying colors and landed a mid-level developer job with VYNYL less than a month after graduating.

Access More Stories
Access More Stories

Coding Dojo's Diversity & Inclusion Commitment:

talent placement

Solving the Workforce Shortage

Coding Dojo’s Elite Fills the Workforce Gap

To date, Coding Dojo has trained 8,000+ developers who have successfully gotten hired at world-class enterprises that span across multiple industries. Here are some examples:

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Enterprise Programs for Every Industry

Why You Need Coding Dojo

Network security (57.2%), web security and database security (both 55.7%), and fraud prevention (55.2%) are all in the top 10 ICT strategic challenges.

Use Cases

Our Cybersecurity program will teach solutions for:

  • Securing connected devices in retail environments
  • Preventing data breaches
  • Reducing redundancy
  • Loss prevention

Why You Need Coding Dojo

44% of all jobs created in the banking and financial services sector are for data analysts and scientists, according to Fintech News.

Use Cases

Our Data Science program will teach how to:

  • Detect fraud
  • Manage customer data
  • Perform risk modeling
  • Create highly personalized experiences
  • Predict lifetime value
  • Do real-time and predictive analytics
  • Create customer segmentation
  • Build recommendation engines
  • Provide the best customer support experience

Why You Need Coding Dojo

Ransomware, phishing, and data leakage continue to plague the banking industry, yet unfulfilled cybersecurity jobs are expected to grow by 350%; fewer than four candidates are qualified, according to MIT Technologies.

Use Cases

Our Cybersecruity program will teach how to create personalized, secure customer experiences within disruptive financial technologies like:

  • Mobile payments
  • Money transfers
  • Loans
  • Fundraising
  • Asset management

Why You Need Coding Dojo

The need for qualified data scientists in U.S. healthcare is huge; only 3% of U.S.-based jobs have been filled, according to NEJM Catalyst.

Use Cases

Our Data Science program will teach how to assemble meaningful stories from fragmented data to make smarter decisions in:

  • Digital health
  • Claims analytics
  • Natural language processing
  • Behavioral health solutions

Why You Need Coding Dojo

Blockchain, the backbone of the fintech industry, will be fully scalable by 2023, according to Gartner.

Use Cases

Our Blockchain program will reveal how to:

  • Create secure, safe, and efficient financial products
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