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Data Science

Data Science and Machine Learning in Python

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Program: Part-Time

Program Length: 12 weeks

Difficulty: Beginner Friendly

Time Commitment: 20 hrs/week

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Course Overview

This bootcamp is a deep dive into the fundamentals of data science and machine learning in Python.

Throughout the course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire data science process from end-to-end, including data prep, data analysis and visualization, as well as how to properly apply machine learning algorithms to various situations or tasks.

You’ll also walk away with a portfolio of projects showcasing your data science acumen to prospective employers!

What You’ll Get

  • Learn the end-to-end data science process including data prep, data analysis, visualization, as well as use cases for both machine learning and deep learning algorithms

  • Walk away with a work applicable understanding of the Data Science process and how to use the methodologies and tools to solve real-world problems in business and academia

  • Learn how to retrieve and manipulate data using Python and SQL

  • An understanding of the importance of machine Learning and future growth of the industry

  • Walk away with a portfolio to showcase to prospective employers

  • A deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of different Machine Learning algorithms

Our Data Science Team

Your Instructor

Noelle Brown
Noelle Brown
Lead Instructor (US)

BS in Mathematics | MS in Data Science

Previously Lead Global Data Science Instructor at General Assembly

Over 500 students taught

Curriculum Designers

Michael Galarnyk
Michael Galarnyk

Ex-NASA Engineer & Standford Professor

Isaac Faber
Isaac Faber

Chief Data Scientist, Army AI Task Force

The Dojo Difference

Our mission is to transform lives through learning. We don’t require our students to have a traditional 4-yr degree because we know that there are many paths to sucess. If you are willing to buckle down and do the work, we are here to teach and support you.

NO admissions test
NO 4-yr degree requirement STEM bachelor's OR 2 years' data experience
NO Python or programming experience required
TUITION $4,995 $3,250 $3,950 $7,990 $8,940

*Required for “job guarantee”

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Curriculum Overview

This bootcamp is a deep dive into the fundamentals of data science and machine learning in Python. You’ll walk away with a portfolio of projects showcasing your data science acumen to prospective employers!

  • WEEKS 1-4
  • WEEKS 5-8
  • WEEKS 9-12
  • Week 1

    Foundations in Python

    Learn the Python fundamentals needed for data science.

    • Python
    • Google Colab
  • Week 2

    Manipulating and Understanding Data

    Learn how to load, clean, and manipulate data using the Python library Pandas. Additionally, you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of using Python to manipulate data.

    • Pandas
    • Numpy
  • Week 3

    Foundations of Data Modeling & Intro to Machine Learning

    Build visualizations to not only understand your data, but also how to communicate results to stakeholders.

    • Folium
    • Matplotlib
    • Pandas
    • Seaborn
  • Week 4

    Statistical inference

    Learn how to use Python to implement key statistical techniques and understand statistics better by experimenting with Python on real-world datasets. This week concludes with a project to showcase your knowledge.

    • Matplotlib
    • Pandas
    • SciPy
    • Seaborn

Immersive Learning Experience

Using a combination of our proprietary learning platform and a suite of digital tools, you’ll have an immersive experience from the comforts of home, as well as the support you need to master the course work.

  • Live Lectures

    Live Lectures

    Sit down virtually with your instructor and classmates twice a week for demos and lecture topics. Classes are Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5-6pm PST.

  • 24/7 Content Access

    24/7 Content Access

    From day one, gain full access to our industry-leading learning platform and your Data Science curriculum. Get a head-start on new topics or review previous ones -- it’s up to you!

  • Office Hours

    Office Hours

    Optional 1 hour Q&A session each week, plus additional 30 minute sessions available as needed.

Prepare for a New Career

This course was designed to prepare you for the real world. Each week, you’ll tackle interview-style questions and weekly exercises as you learn new topics, so that you are building the skills needed to land a new job as you learn the topics themselves.

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What do I need to get started?

We believe that anyone who wants to learn should be able to! That’s why we don’t have pre-requisites for our course. Whether you have a four-year degree or not, you can enroll in our course. However, a basic understanding of your computer is essential. Some knowledge of Microsoft Excel and/or a programming language will be helpful, but is not required.

Required Technology

  • Personal Laptop
  • Modern web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Edge
  • Stable Internet Connection

Tuition Options

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Full Payment

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How to Enroll

Our Online Bootcamp offers open enrollment year round. It’s an easy 3 step process: complete your enrollment form, create your account, and enroll directly. Afterwards, our admissions team will reach out to get you ready for the program. Come with questions!

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