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IBM Tech Talks

Drop by Coding Dojo Dallas this year to talk tech with IBM! We'll be covering a range of hot topics and sharing insights around today's technology landscape. If you interested in learning about the Landscape of Emerging Tech, the Rise Of Enterprise Content Management, Blockchain 101, and more, then please complete our RSVP form for the talks you would like to attend. No programming experience needed. All tech talks are free and open to the public. Join as many as you would like!

To join, complete our RSVP form and select which talks you would like to attend. All tech talks are free and open to the public. Join as many as you would like!

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Step 1: Your Info

  • All tech talks are free and open to the public
  • Friends, family, and walk-ins are welcome!
  • Talks will be held at our Dallas campus

Step 2: Sign Up

Check out our upcoming events below. They're free to attend so sign up for as many as you like. Use the form below to choose from the tech talk offerings and contact info.

Upcoming Events

August: Cognitive Chatbot 101 - 8/14/18

Alexa, Siri and Watson are names we have come to know through home and mobile assistant technologies. This tech talk will explore IBM’s Watson technology, how it has evolved from its winning days on Jeopardy and how you can easily use Watson in your applications. Be sure to bring your laptop and learn how to build a cognitive chatbot!

October: Contagious Cloud: A look at some ways we interact with the cloud in our everyday lives - 10/11/18

Twitter, Instagram, Box, iCloud, Pandora, Netflix, the list goes on and on and crosses almost all industries. 93% of businesses use Cloud in some form! As cloud challenges decline and the market expands, we begin interacting with the cloud through new avenues. From social to shopping, work to play, we are touching the cloud daily. Let’s explore some of the ways we may be unaware that we are interacting with cloud computing in our everyday lives.

September: An AI Maturity Roadmap for Becoming a Data-Driven Organization - 9/18/18

Before embarking on an AI journey, it is critical that an organization understand the patterns for success and avoid the patterns for failure. This is especially true given the potential benefits and risks at stake, with some literally betting their future on success. This applies to organizations of all types and sizes, regardless of industry. In this session, the maturity roadmap will be introduced and discussed for how to plan your organizations AI journey. The goal is to help guide you on the key technologies and capabilities that can be introduced in an agile, yet orderly, manner that provide the foundation for the effective application of AI.

November: Queens of the coding age: A discussion on female coders and how you can earn your crown - 11/7/18

Join the Women of IBM’s WolfPack as they discuss the female greats in computing. The accomplishments of our idols will be discussed as well as what we feel they would be working on today and why. Learn how the SheWolves approach their roles and their specialties as women in technology and hear their advice for how you can earn your crown as a queen of the coding age.

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