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Online Intro to Programming Course

Learn the Fundamentals of Software Development in Just 4 Evenings

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Online Intro to Programming

So you think a career in tech might be right for you but you’d love to kick the tires before making a significant investment? The Online Intro to Programming course is for you! You will learn the fundamentals of programming over 4 evenings and get a great sense of whether a bootcamp is right for you. Plus, if you go from an Online Intro to Programming course to a bootcamp, we'll credit the cost of the course towards your bootcamp tuition. It's a win-win.

The Online Intro to Programming course is a great first step.

Just 8 Hours over 4 Days

Taught on Mon-Thu evenings over one week, this course is easy to fit in with your other commitments.

$500. An Affordable Way to Get Started

Bootcamps are a significant investment - see if a career in tech is right for you by testing the waters.

Taught with Instructor Support

We're no stranger to getting stuck on tough coding problems - our instructors are here to help.

Full access to our Online Learn Platform

Work on course material, ask questions, and pair program with other students - anywhere.

Students who complete the Online Intro to Programming course are much better prepared for a rewarding Bootcamp experience. They acquire a solid understanding of the fundamentals of programming, algorithms, and web architecture, which enables them to achieve better mastery of the Bootcamp course material.

The course is the perfect way to get into software development and see if it’s the right career move for you.

Minimum Risk, Maximum Reward

Classes are taught for 1 hour every evening Monday through Thursday, with about an hour of homework each evening so you can easily take the course in addition to other commitments. Plus, if you enroll in one of our Online Bootcamps after this course, we will credit the cost of this program towards your Bootcamp tuition.


  • Day 1 (Monday)

    • JavaScript Intro/Building Blocks
  • Day 2 (Tuesday)

    • Functions and Arrays
  • Day 3 (Wednesday)

    • Writing Algorithm Solutions, Objects
  • Day 4 (Thursday)

    • Basic 13 Algorithms, Strings and Final Project

Course Dates & Tuition

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MAR 4, 2019

to Mar 7, 2019



APR 1, 2019

to Apr 4, 2019



MAY 6, 2019

to May 9, 2019



JUN 3, 2019

to Jun 6, 2019