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Our inaugural outcomes report has arrived, and we are deeply proud that our students see better outcomes than nearly all other national bootcamps.

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How We Compare

Coding Dojo Brainstation Codesmith Flatiron Fullstack Hack Reactor Lambda School Thinkful
% of Students Who Find a Relevant Job Within 180 Days 89.1% 88% 80.6%-86.8% by Campus 88% 72.5% Weighted Average 72.6% Weighted Average 65% 85.9%
% of Students Who Find a Relevant Job in 1 Year 95.3% Not Reported Not Reported 93% Not Reported Not Reported 70% 88%
Data pulled: 12/1/2020 Time: Feb-Dec 2019 Sample: 257 Verified?: Yes Source: Delivery Associates, 2020 Outcomes Report. Time: Jan 2015-Dec 2018 Sample: 469 Verified?: No Source: Time: H2 2019 Sample: 130 Verified?: Yes Source: CIRR Time: Jan-Dec 2018 Sample: 769 Verified?: Yes Source: Flatiron 2019 Jobs Report Time: H1 2019 Sample: 287 Verified?: Yes Source: CIRR Time: H1 2019 Sample: 321 Verified?: Yes Source: CIRR Time: H1 2019 Sample: 278 Verified?: No Source: Lambda School Outcomes Report H1 2019 Time: H1 2019 Sample: 64 Verified?: Yes Source: CIRR; Thinkful Long-Term Student Outcomes
Download the Outcomes Report

Lifetime Access to Career Services

We have had the privilege of helping over 7000+ students change their careers & their lives. In as little as 14 weeks, our pupils transform into our peers and join our alumni network that grows every day. But our services don’t stop there. Our services team is there for you throughout your career, whether it’s 6 months or 6 years down the line, because we are truly invested in your success. When you join Coding Dojo, you become part of our family— for life.

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Day One

Beginning the Program

Getting started you’ll have unlimited support from day one— one on one mentors, lifetime community and support, and contract negotiation.

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During the Program

We’ll provide job prospecting & application guidance, real job searches and sample applications as well as helping with your job title refinement. We’ll also be in contact with hiring managers— getting everything ready for when you graduate!

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Ending the Program

From interview preparation and negotiation, to mock interviews and technical job skills tests, we’ll get you ready for post graduation. We’ll even help with target compensation management!

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First Job & Beyond

After the Program

After you’ve finished the program, we’re still here to support you. We’ll help with future contract negotiation, you’ll have lifetime, unlimited community and support.

To Learn More About Career Services, Speak With A Member Of Our Admissions Team.
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My Career Services Manager was super helpful. He talked us all the way through the resume, preparation, application, and interview process during the program. That really helped.
Suzanne Allen
Suzanne Allen Customer Success Engineer, EverestLabs.AI

Where Our Alumni Work Now

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placement within 180 days of graduation

Outcomes You Can Trust

Our placement statistics have been independently verified by an auditing firm. Download our Outcomes Report.

Download the Outcomes Report

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