8 High-Paying Jobs You Qualify For In 14 Weeks (And 3 You Can Get With A Little More Work)

If you were to put $140,000 and 4 years of your life into building a house and then didn’t live in it, you would probably be committed.

Why is it acceptable, then, for millions of students to pursue expensive degrees with no real idea as to what their job or salary will be when they leave campus?

If you can take the time and money to pursue college without having to worry about a job after, we say go for it. If you definitely need to think about what job your training and education will deliver, you may want to think hard about this decision.

Fortunately, for people who need a sure ROI when it comes to training for a J.O.B., coding bootcamps are an affordable, quick way to take 14 weeks to change your employment prospects for the next 35 years.

Want proof? Glassdoor has released their list of the highest-paying entry-level jobs and it reads like a list of the opportunities our grads have pursued right after bootcamp.

Jobs You Qualify For Right Out Of Bootcamp

There is a reason we call our program a coding bootcamp: We instill students with skills hard & fast, so they can get to work.

These skills center around a 3-stack program that teaches you the coding languages used by the most the most desired companies in tech (think Amazon, Airbnb, Facebook, and more).

While a lot of bootcamps have decided to focus on 1 stack instead of 3, this can limit job opportunities and, worse, require you to go back and learn missing languages. Trust us: Coding Dojo is harder, but it’s worth it — the average salary for our alumni when they leave the program is $76,500.

Software Engineer
Median base salary: $90,000

Java Developer
Median base salary: $72,000

Software developer
Median base salary: $68,600

Front End Developer
Median base salary: $67,500

Applications developer
Median base salary: $65,000

Test Engineer
Median base salary: $65,000

Quality Engineer
Median base salary: $64,500

Business Analyst
Median base salary: $63,000

Jobs You Can Get With A Little More Experience

Data Scientist
Median base salary: $70-$95,000

Additional experience: By adding the coding language Python to your resume, many people have been able to become a data scientist in their previous fields.

Product Manager
Median base salary: $89,000

Additional experience: Combining coding know-how with a background in product lifecycle can make you an intriguing, elite product manager.

Product Designer
Median base salary: $85,000

Additional experience: Though bootcamp doesn’t touch on design, if you have UX skills, learning the software behind creating hardware can be invaluable.

Job You Won’t Qualify For After Bootcamp

Physical Therapist
Median base Salary: $63,918

Experience: Bootcamp won’t help here unless you plan to create your own physical therapy app, probably named “PhyTher.”

14 Weeks. 3 Stacks. 1 Whole New Career

You are going to spend the majority of your life at your job — it should be satisfying and is hould pay well.

With that kind of perspective, 14 weeks to make sure you’re set for the next 35 years is worth it.

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