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Coding Bootcamp FAQ

Everything you should know about the Dojo


  • Coding Dojo offers course options for beginners all the way up to advanced developers. The 14-week Onsite Coding Bootcamp is designed for students with little to no prior coding experience and for advanced developers as well.

    During the program, you’ll learn Web Fundamentals, such as HTML, CSS, and jQuery, and then dive into the industry’s only three-full stack curriculum with hands-on support from instructors and teaching assistants.

    Our Online Coding Bootcamp is an ideal alternative for students who are interested in the Onsite Bootcamp but are unable to make it on campus. As a student, you'll learn two full stacks over a 16-week online course structure. The program is a good fit for everyone -- from beginners to advanced developers.

  • We code a lot! The daily life at Coding Dojo typically begins with a morning lecture from 9am–10am. This can be on different forms (i.e. code reviews, live coding, guest lectures, group presentations, and so on). The rest of the day is spent on coding (with special break-out sessions on specific topics), group activities and working on projects. The Dojo stays open in the evening for students who wish to extend their coding hours.

    Throughout the day, instructors and TAs are available to help. Additional help after class hours is also available remotely through Mattermost and/or via Skype. On Wednesdays, we eat lunch outdoors and play sports at a local park. Every other Friday, students take qualifying exams for different belt levels (think timed mini-projects rather than multiple choice). Once a month, prominent developers, CTOs, and CEOs come to speak.

    For more information, you may check this Life on Campus

  • Yes, and it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career. Our program teaches the most comprehensive and rigorous curriculum in the industry. Learning 3 full stacks of web software in 14 weeks is no easy task.

    However, we strongly believe that you also need to take care of yourself, take breaks, socialize with others, and be generally well-rounded. Besides spending time with your peers in class, you'll spend time outside the classroom together too. Think weekly time at a park playing sports, going to tech-meetups, and maybe, some field trips/geek pilgrimages, etc. With that said, you'll spend a tremendous amount of time coding, building real web applications, and loving it. You will have stretches of coding that will leave you exhausted, but in a good way. Hours may go by without you realizing it. Expect extreme intensity and huge rewards at the same time.

  • We try our best to support students who are falling behind or struggling with extra help and mentorship to bring them back up to speed. We want you to succeed and will work very hard to support you through the program. However, in rare occasions, that is not enough and everyone is better off parting ways.

  • Each class is made up of about 20 to 30 students, divided into teams of five or six. Two to three instructors/TAs are available to assist you throughout the day and into the evening for all the students in the Dojo. You'll work closely with your team and in pairs throughout the bootcamp to work through problems, complete assignments, and build projects. Though you'll be in a team, you will get to complete each assignment individually, ensuring you understand each topic. Our number one priority is to ensure that each student receives the guidance needed.

  • On the last day of the coding bootcamp, we will hold a graduation ceremony for all students. This event is intended to celebrate the accomplishments, career growth, and perseverance of the graduating cohort. After months of coding, it’s a breath of fresh air and a time to relax. Afterward, you will be jumping straight into the job market, which is a new challenge of its own. Graduation day will be held during the last week of the bootcamp.

    You will have the opportunity to demo the projects you have built from scratch during the course. You'll demo in front of fellow classmates, friends and family, and invited special guests.


  • Since our curriculum’s inception in 2012 – as you will learn from our school’s history – we've learned a lot about what a programmer needs to know to be able to contribute to a company from day one. A core skill of an effective web developer is the ability to pick up a programming language quickly and to build something with it.

    Remember, you're in a coding bootcamp to learn fast. You will launch out of this intense experience with strong foundations, and a portfolio of web applications you built yourself from scratch. Companies don't just hire junior software developers because of talent. They hire based on aptitude and attitude.

    As a trend, it's clear that the half-life of specific languages and technologies is getting shorter. New technologies and concepts are thrown at developers daily. Your ability to tackle these head-on will be of utmost importance. Between languages, you will be able to clearly see different syntaxes and data handling, but you will also see that most web programming languages are remarkably similar. Having a strong understanding of concepts like OOP, MVC, and Database Scaling is the best way to prepare for picking up new skills quickly. You'll avoid getting stuck in one language, and you'll become a more versatile and skilled web developer. These advantages, among many more, explain why Coding Dojo teaches a three-full stack curriculum.

  • We can tell you that, at the start, almost all of our students doubt what they can accomplish by the end of the program. However, as the curriculum progresses, we see our students quickly gain confidence as they see themselves solving real problems, building advanced web applications, and thinking like true software developers. By the end of the coding bootcamp, they (and, to be honest, we) have been consistently amazed at what they can build in such a short period of time. If you dedicate the time, work hard, and are absolutely hungry to code, we guarantee that you will find success within the coding bootcamp. Although daunting at first, our program is proven to work and is definitely worthwhile.

  • This will vary depending on the program. But since we have a project–based curriculum, we guarantee that you’ll start coding from day one! As an example, throughout the Onsite Coding Bootcamp, you’ll finish over 60 assignments and a handful of large–scale projects.

  • We encourage students to come in with project ideas because you usually work hardest on things you're passionate about. If you don't have an idea, don't worry. We'll help you decide on one.Each project is reviewed to ensure it isn't too easy or too difficult, and that it will adequately reflect what you learn. Each project will be built in about a week -- from the design/mockup stage, scaling the database, to connecting the back end for full functionality.

  • Naturally, learning online is not the same as learning face-to-face, but we guarantee that our online students will still have access to the unparalleled Coding Dojo education. In addition to the 24-hour access to our online learning platform, you'll also receive real-time support from our instructors through online lectures, office hours, and more.


  • The admissions process varies per program you are applying for. Admission process details may be found in the course packet of your chosen program. Please note that all programs must begin with an application form submission.

  • The application process may take a week or longer depending on how quickly you pass through the steps. After the interview, most candidates hear back within 5 business days.

  • Good question! We encourage students to apply as soon as possible, as our courses tend to fill up quickly. We start accepting students into the program the moment the start date is posted on our website, which is often scheduled many months in advance.

  • Absolutely! We often get entrepreneurs who want to learn how to code to start their own startup business, high school/college students who are looking to expand their learning, or project managers/IT consultants who want to increase their knowledge. Whatever your motivation, we will work with you and do our best to help you learn these technologies.

  • While a Computer Science degree or programming background is really helpful, it isn't required for our programs. Applicants without priorexperience have often spent considerable time learning on their own, have realized they love it, and are ready to take their learning to the next level with mentorship and guidance. Keep in mind that we've accepted accountants, marketers, lawyers, photographers, construction workers, and others who are able to learn quickly and efficiently. Whether or not you have programming experience, be prepared to work extremely hard during our coding bootcamp. Those who are humble, dedicated, and hungry to learn do very well in the program.

  • Yes. You need to bring your own laptop to class. You'll be a developer, after all, so we want all the tools and projects you've built to go with you after the bootcamp. We support Mac, Windows and Linux-based machines, but we recommend at least 6GB of memory, also known as RAM. You also need a headset to access video content within our learning platform. We provide everything else you will need: comfy chairs, individual workstations, and external monitors and stands to use during the program.

  • You will be responsible for finding accommodation. You'll be connected with your classmates before the bootcamp, so those looking for shared housing can coordinate their search. Craigslist, Padmapper, AirBnB, and other temporary housing finders are great resources to use in your search.

  • Yes! However, unfortunately we do not have the resources to help with visa arrangements or travel plans.

    You may also consider our Online Coding Bootcamp program for remote learning.

  • Due to the rigorous nature of the program, Coding Dojo recommends students be at least 18 years of age before applying to our full-time, Onsite Coding Bootcamp program. For candidates under 18, Coding Dojo may require a parent or guardian signature on enrollment forms.

  • Absolutely! Our instructors built the Coding Dojo Algorithm Platform for precisely that purpose. This is a free online course to learn algorithms designed to help students of all experience levels practice the basics of programming, such as for loops, if/else statements, and arrays.


  • Tuition varies by location and program type. You may visit the 'Dates & Tuition' section of our Onsite Coding Bootcamp or Online Coding Bootcamp program pages to see our tuition rates.

  • Yes, absolutely! We’ve partnered with Skills.Fund to provide preferred financing rates for Coding Dojo students. Visit their site to learn more!


  • We do offer a range of scholarships. Our scholarship program is designed to lower the financial barriers for students of all backgrounds. We understand that, for many applicants, the (personal, financial, and logistical) stars have to align perfectly to make a program like this possible. You may visit the 'Scholarships' section of our Onsite Coding Bootcamp or Online Coding Bootcamp program pages to learn more.

  • Due to limited funding in our scholarship fund, students are limited to one scholarship per person.

  • Scholarships are due one week before the cohort start date. Due to high-demand and limited funding, we encourage students to apply for their scholarships as soon as possible.

  • Your scholarship award will be directly deducted by our Accounting Department from your last tuition payment.

  • Yes you can! Visit our GI Bill financing page to learn more.

  • For all programs, the payment schedule consists of three main payments: (1) the deposit to reserve a seat in the program, (2) the first half of the remaining tuition, (3) the second half of the remaining tuition. The specific amounts and due dates for each main payment will vary by program.

    Please note that for all programs, paying your deposit will immediately unlock your first set of learning materials–content varies by program. Also, if selected to attend our programs, our admissions team will guide you through the payment process.

  • Our refund policy is in accordance with state regulations in Arlington, VA, California, Texas, Illinois, and Virginia. Your program location and residence while attending will determine the state refund policy to follow. For more information, feel free to contact us.

  • Tuition may be paid either by check or by credit/debit card online.


  • Absolutely! Career development support is offered to all Coding Dojo students and alumni. As a current student or graduate, you will have the option to dedicate time out of your daily schedule to focus on career-related activities, either in person or remotely, such as 1:1 mentorship sessions, job-searching workshops, and networking events. Whether you need help to prepare for that first interview or negotiating for a lead role years later, all Coding Dojo alumni have access to our career support services.

  • Yes. For all Coding Dojo students, our campuses will be closed and there will be no instruction during the Thanksgiving break (November 22–23) and holiday break (December 23–January 6). If you would like to study during those times, you will still have full access to the online learning platform.

  • This depends on the student. No student has the same amount of knowledge as anyone else coming into the bootcamp, and not every student learns at the same rate as their peers. Generally, though, for our graduates, as well as for those who graduate from similar programming bootcamps, it takes two to three months, on average, to find a job within the industry.

    What goes into these two to three months? Building up a resume, picking up specific technologies, practicing for interviews, networking, and more coding. We are serious about the “more coding” part! Spending 14 weeks in our program incredibly accelerates your ability to learn, but you must keep practicing.

    Software development is a process. Your time at the Dojo is for learning the actual craft of development. The job search process is a much easier skill to pick up. Instead of stressing you about being job-ready by the end of week 14, we like you to keep coming to the Dojo and polishing all facets of what it takes to land a job.

  • Yes. If you're interested in corporate training and would like one of our instructors to visit your company to train your employees, please drop us a line.

  • Yes, we do! Our Online Coding Bootcamp is a part-time alternative where you'll learn two full stacks of web development in 16 weeks. Your minimum weekly commitment will be 20 hours per week.

  • Absolutely! We bring in an array of speakers with varying backgrounds, such as CTO’s, Hiring Managers, Alumni, and veteran Software Engineers. We try to bring in a guest speaker at least once a month.

  • Yes. We really don't like coding on an empty stomach, so we offer a complimentary snack and coffee bar. For dinner and lunch, you are free to explore local restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes within a short walking distance.

  • Yes. Coding Dojo’s curriculum was created in 2010 as an internal training program within several fast-growing startups, and has been under continuous refinement ever since. Visit our How We're Different page to learn more about the origins of our coding bootcamp.

  • Check out our Online Coding Bootcamp! Within the Online Coding Bootcamp, you'll learn two full stacks of web development over 16 weeks through an online course structure–an ideal program for beginner or advanced levels.

  • Yes, we expect all students and employees to adhere to the guidelines and principles outlined in our Anti-Harassment Policy, which you can view here:


GI Bill FAQs

  • You can get your COE by logging into your online e-benefits portal and simply taking a screenshot of your entitlement information. Or, you can call the Education Call Center at 1-888-442-4551 and they can send you a copy of your certificate.

  • If you have an active COE, you can enroll almost immediately for any upcoming cohort - it’s very quick and easy! Some of our veteran students have enrolled in a matter of hours. If you do not have an active COE please call the Education Call Center at 1-888-442-4551 to get the process started. Enrollment will not be valid until a COE is presented to any of our Certifying School Officials.

  • Currently, only our Seattle campus is approved to accept the Chapter 33 GI Bill benefits.

    Throughout 2020, we aim to get VA approval for additional campuses to accept GI Bill benefits.

  • We are currently not a part of the VET TEC program, but we have an application submitted to the VA for approval and acceptance into the program. Stay tuned!

  • Yes there is! You can come by our Seattle campus to learn more. But please make sure to call ahead so that we’re ready for your visit. Don’t want to keep you waiting in our lobby!

    1715 114th Ave. SE. #100 Bellevue, WA 98004 (844) 446-3656 compliance@codingdojo.com