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Private Lenders

Private education loans are credit-based consumer loans that can be used to pay any post-secondary education-related expenses, including tuition and fees, books, and transportation. Always consider your lowest-cost options first, including grants, scholarships, employer funding, and all student loan eligibility. Eligibility for private loans is based on credit-worthiness and ability to repay, not on financial need. A soft credit check is performed to see if you qualify; however, a hard credit check is required to finalize the loan documents after approval. CTU and Coding Dojo are not responsible for making loan eligibility determination for private education loans.

We do not currently have a preferred-lender listing for private loans. As a service to you, we are providing you a list of lenders that have made Private Education Loans to our students in the last 3 years, and we believe are currently making loans to our students. There may be other lenders that will make loans to Coding Dojo students, and we do not recommend one lender over another. Students are always free to choose any lender of their choice, including a lender not listed below. We encourage you to look around for additional financing options that may be available to you. You have the right to choose any private lender you wish, and Coding Dojo will work with any lender a student chooses to process a student loan.

Lenders that have made loans to our students in the past 3 years:

Coding Dojo receives no fee or other consideration from these lenders for loans they make to Coding Dojo students. Coding Dojo recommends that you investigate other available financing options before making a decision as to how you will finance your education at Coding Dojo. Coding Dojo accepts loans from any eligible lender you select.


These lenders are not an affiliate of each other.

Code of Conduct

Coding Dojo recognizes that ensuring the integrity of the student financial aid process is critical to providing students fair and affordable access to higher education. In furtherance of that goal, Coding Dojo has promulgated the HEOA Code of Conduct (the “Code”) which prohibits activities which may create conflicts of interest in the student financial aid process between, on the one hand, Coding Dojo and its campuses, and, on the other, its students and their parents. This Code is in accordance with the requirements of the federal Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (“HEOA”), and incorporates all terms, definitions, exceptions and conditions set forth in the HEOA. You may view our Code of Conduct here

Financial Aid Opportunities Available to Students

Title IV funding can offer lower cost funding options; however, while Coding Dojo, as part of Colorado Technical University, is part of a Title IV eligible institution offering Title IV eligible programs, Coding Dojo has elected and designated some of its programs as not participating in Title IV federal financial aid programs. If a program is designated in this manner, it will be noted in its Catalog description. This means students enrolling in these designated programs may not use Federal Student Aid to help pay for them. Instead, it offers a variety of payment options for students. To review eligibility for federal student aid, please visit:

The Choice is Yours

You may borrow from any lender you choose and are not required to use a lender shown above. Coding Dojo will accept loans from any eligible lender you select.


Prior to finalizing a private educational loan, your lender will send you a Self-Certification form upon request.

When Should You Start Thinking About Funding

The first step on your journey to coding bootcamp will always be to choose & be approved for the program you want to pursue. Once you confirm your spot in bootcamp, then you can work with our Admissions team on the best way to secure the financial support you’ll need.