Software Development Bootcamp Online Part-Time Accelerated

  • Part-Time 18 - 34 Weeks | 30 hours/week
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Lecture Days
  • Online Attendance
  • Beginner Friendly!
  • 2-Stack & 3-Stack Programs are credit-bearing at Colorado Technical University*
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Program Description

Unlock the fundamental building blocks of web and software development studying in the Part-Time Accelerated program. Designed to fit a busy schedule in a choose your own adventure style, our part-time format allows you to study the ins and outs of front-end development, back-end development, and database development in the rapidly evolving tech industry in as little as 30 hours per week. Tailor your learning experience by selecting one, two, or three languages: Python, JavaScript, and Java. Students who complete the 2-stack and 3-stack programs can apply up to 24 (2-stack) or 30 (3-stack) credits towards the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree program at CTU*.

*Coding Dojo makes no representation that these credits could or would transfer to any other institutions. Course credits are not guaranteed to transfer to other schools. Transferability of credits is at the sole discretion of the receiving school.

Curriculum Overview

Week One to Two

Programming Basics

To kick off the program, you'll study habits, computer basics, and fundamental programming concepts and skills necessary to be successful in your bootcamp!

What You'll Focus On:
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Algorithmic foundations
  • Learning stamina

The lecture days of Programming Basics may differ from the remainder of the program.

Weeks Three to Six

Web Fundamentals

During Web Fundamentals, you’ll be introduced to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with other common tools in the industry. At the end of this course, students should be able to build out static web pages with JavaScript interactivity.

What You'll Focus On:
  • HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
  • Git/Github
  • HTTP Request Response

Weeks Seven to Fourteen

Full-Stack Python

Dive into the first full stack language: Beginning with small projects, you’ll work your way up to designing a full stack project.

What You'll Focus On:
  • Python Fundamentals & OOP
  • MySQL
  • SQL Queries
  • Flask
  • MVC Framework 
  • ERD / Database Design
  • Web Security Basics

Weeks Fifteen to Twenty-Two Optional: Add a Course

Full-Stack Javascript

Mid-program, explore your second full stack language: JavaScript. Studying a wide range of applicable formats, students can obtain familiarity with building web applications using common industry technologies like MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS.

What You'll Focus On:
  • JavaScript Fundamentals & Functional Programming
  • Node.JS
  • Express.JS
  • MongoDB
  • React

*Optional Content

Weeks Twenty-Three to Thirty Optional: Add a Course

Full-Stack Java

Study a strictly-typed language and object-oriented programming in Java using popular frameworks and build and manipulate databases in programs like MySQL.

What You’ll Focus On:
  • Java Fundamentals & OOP
  • Java Web Development
  • Java Spring MVC, Boot, Security
  • JPA Querying
  • ThymeLeaf
  • Tomcat
  • Deployment

Final Four Weeks

Projects & Algorithms

During the final weeks of the course, students will work to showcase their skills gained from the program by creating two capstone projects: one solo and one group project. In conjunction with creating unique projects, students will also prepare for potential interviews with more in-depth programming knowledge.

What You’ll Focus On:
  • Collaborative Git and Github skills
  • Algorithm & Data Structures
  • Array and String Manipulation, Singly Linked Lists, Recursion, Binary Search Trees

What a Schedule in Part-Time Accelerated Program May Look Like

  • MorningHead to Work

  • Mid-MorningSelf-Study over Lunch

  • EveningLectures, Office Hours, & Self Study

  • 24/7 Cohort Access

    Your access to our LEARN Platform & Discord is available 24/7. Access your materials at whatever time you need them.

  • Self Study

    Most students dedicate 30-35 hours a week to self-study, though you may need more or less depending on your learning style and experience.

  • Lectures

    Live lectures are held three times per week for an hour from 6-7pm MST. Lecture days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

  • Optional Office Hours

    Need more assistance understanding a concept? Optional office hours are held an hour prior to lecture times between 5-6pm MST.

To learn more about the full curriculum click below!

Support When You Need It

Student support begins the day you inquire about pursuing your studies with Coding Dojo. You’ll find support throughout your Admissions journey, along the way through your program, and beyond graduation with Career Service support and resources.

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Tuition and Financing

Tuition at Coding Dojo

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Software Development Part-Time Accelerated Program

Deposit: $99
  • 1-stack: $9,995
  • 2-stacks: $13,495
  • 3-stacks: $16,995

The $99 deposit is a part of your overall tuition and not an additional expense. Your deposit will be made as a part of the application process which you’ll place after your application is submitted and the non-technical interview with your Admissions Advisor is complete.

Upcoming Program Dates

  • 1July

    Online Part-Time Accelerated

    • July 1, 2024
    • 18 - 34 weeks of program

    Tue, Wed & Thu lecture days

  • 26August

    Online Part-Time Accelerated

    • August 26, 2024
    • 18 - 34 weeks of program

    Tue, Wed & Thu lecture days

  • 21October

    Online Part-Time Accelerated

    • October 21, 2024
    • 18 - 34 weeks of program

    Tue, Wed & Thu lecture days

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