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Coding Dojo vs Flatiron School: Which is Best for You?

Coding Dojo and Flatiron School are two online learning institutes focused on preparing students for a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) through coding bootcamps.

Both schools offer virtual and in-person course options with the flexibility that many learners need while supporting themselves and learning a new skill. Both are reputable, have been around for quite a while, and have helped thousands of graduates successfully land new roles!

In this article, we do a comparison between Coding Dojo and Flatiron School, reviewing the coursework, cost, on-campus locations, and learning outcomes of each school. 

What is Coding Dojo?

Coding Dojo is a hands-on education company. We offer various bootcamps and courses in cybersecurity, software development, web development, and more to help prepare you for a new career in the STEM field.

Whether you are looking to switch careers completely or want to gain formal education in a new technology career, Coding Dojo has what you need.

We offer paid coursework, but we also have free workshops like these to help you begin your journey:

Coding Dojo is unique because we help you learn by doing. Our courses introduce you to the basics and then build upon them so you can learn more advanced topics and be equipped for a career in your chosen field.

What is Flatiron School?

Flatiron School is an educational provider that is a leader in bootcamps (short, fast-paced courses that teach you an entire career field within a few weeks or months). They are dedicated to “empowering tomorrow’s workforce through education,” according to their website. They seek to help improve people’s lives and help them advance to new heights with the help of important education.

Since 2012, Flatiron School has been committed to offering bootcamps to learners and helping them change their careers.

Coding Dojo vs Flatiron School: Courses Offered

Coding Dojo offers three main bootcamps that are each hyper-focused on a growing field. Our coursework covers a broad range of topics (i.e. cybersecurity basics to penetration testing) that will build upon the fundamentals and teach you more intermediate topics.

Coding Dojo focuses more on learning topics, whereas Flatiron School puts more of an emphasis on teaching coursework relevant to specific careers. We recommend reviewing the curriculum of each program to determine which one covers the topics you’re most interested in learning.

If you’re unsure about which courses are right for you, take a look at our entry-level career guides to narrow down your focus:

Below, you’ll find a list of the programs offered by Coding Dojo and Flatiron School.

Coding Dojo Programs

Flatiron School Programs

Coding Dojo vs Flatiron School: Program Pace

For many people, it’s impossible to dedicate weeks or months to a full-time program.

Whether you are currently working a full-time job, have a family, or have other commitments that prevent you from dedicating the time needed to a full-time course load, both Coding Dojo and Flatiron School offer flexibility in how you pace your course.

Coding Dojo Program Pace

  • Online full-time
  • Online part-time
  • Online part-time flex
  • Online part-time accelerated

Flatiron School Program Pace

  • On-site full-time
  • Online full-time
  • Online part-time

Coding Dojo vs Flatiron School: Cost

Cost is a huge factor when it comes to additional education. For many people, post-secondary can be out of reach due to the large amounts of money required. While scholarships and bursaries are great options to help alleviate these costs, it’s not always enough.

Both coding Dojo and Flatiron School have scholarships and loan options to help learners achieve their goals without the barrier of money. Coding Dojo offers a range of course costs, while Flatiron School has the same tuition costs no matter the course.

Coding Dojo Cost

Coding Dojo offers full courses and bootcamp programs that you can take on a full- or part-time basis. We offer loans, discounts when paying in full, installment plans, scholarships, and a relief fund for individuals experiencing hardship so that everybody can have an equal opportunity to further their education and start a new career.

Our course costs range between $8495 to $15,495.

Flatiron School Cost

Flatiron School offers 3 ways to pay: upfront, using a loan, or in 12 installments. Their tuition also requires a deposit of $500. In terms of scholarships, there are two available (for women and students from underrepresented communities).

Flatiron School costs are $16,900 no matter the program.

Coding Dojo vs Flatiron School: Campus Locations

If you prefer an in-person learning environment, just Flatiron School offers in-person courses on campuses at the moment

Coding Dojo Locations

  • Online only

Flatiron School Locations

Coding Dojo vs Flatiron School: Summary

When comparing Coding Dojo and Flatiron School bootcamps, you should begin with what’s most important to you. For example, if you prefer an in-person learning environment, Coding Dojo has one more location than Flatiron School. 

On the other hand, Flatiron School offers tuition continuity, so you don’t need to choose between the courses that you prefer by comparing costs. However, that can also make it more difficult for you to take the course that you want. Coding Dojo may offer a lower price point that can make it more accessible for some students.

Finally, if flexibility is high on your list, Coding Dojo offers far more ways to learn and take coursework than Flatiron School, and that may push you towards taking courses with us instead of Flatiron School.

Whichever school you choose, make sure you do in-depth research about the courses offered, the costs (and financial aid), the career service available to you, and the specific coursework before making a final decision!

If you have any questions about Coding Dojo bootcamps or our company, please reach out to us! Happy learning!