3 Reasons Why You Should Learn 3 Full Stacks

As the tech industry continues to grow at full force and coding bootcamps are gaining popularity, you might find yourself wondering what these programs have to offer you. Deciding to join a programming bootcamp is a huge, life-changing decision, and it’s important to know that not all bootcamps are the same. So while researching your options, my advice would be to go to open houses, go to meetups, register for free events, and ask as many questions as you can. One of the most common, yet insightful, questions we get here at Coding Dojo is ultimately why many people end up choosing Coding Dojo.


“Why do you teach three full stacks?”


1. Self-sufficiency


Contrary to what some may believe, the primary goal for Coding Dojo is not to teach a student “this” or “that” language. Rather, it’s to teach you the fundamentals of each of the most sought after languages in your region so that you can develop into a self-sufficient developer. Using linguistics as an example, imagine you spent time learning the Spanish language. Learning Portuguese may be difficult, but it would be considerably easier having learned Spanish already. Now imagine you wanted to learn Italian as well. Again, the process would become even easier. In linguistics, this is called lexical similarity and this Quora post may provide some further insight. Learning programmatic languages is extremely similar. There are concepts and programming paradigms that exist through every language and framework, and understanding these patterns allow a developer to become more and more self-sufficient. So you’re familiar with Python, Javascript, and Java and your new employer needs you to build something in Go? No problem!


2. Marketability


The vast majority of people who attend coding bootcamps are people looking for a career change, and as such, have limited dev experience – if any. If you have a guaranteed job lined up that will require you to know Ruby on Rails, it would make sense for you to find a program that focuses and deep-dives into that language and framework. However, if you are looking to break into the industry and you are eyeing a Jr Developer position, it is much more beneficial to have a wider breadth of knowledge rather than a deeper depth of knowledge. Companies hiring for Jr Developers are not looking for specialists – they are looking for generalists who are agile, adaptable, and fast learners. Take a look at the most in-demand languages in your region and enter the market with the top 3 in your arsenal, not just the first.


3. Best ROI


Lastly, it’s simply the best “bang for your buck.” A standard student who graduates from Coding Dojo having taken Python, MEAN, and C# will have learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Socket.IO,  NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, Flask Framework, Django Framework, C#, .NET Core, Dapper ORM, Entity Framework, Azure, AWS and much more. The “Skills” portion of your LinkedIn profile won’t know what hit it!


At the end of the day, it comes down to researching the options that you have and making an educated decision for what is best for your future. Not all bootcamps are the same and it’s important to understand what it is you are seeking before making any leaps. Having read through this article shows you are curious and asking questions which is always a great place to start. If you are serious about transforming your life through programming literacy, come in for an open house – we’d love to meet you!

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3 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Learn 3 Full Stacks

  1. Hey there! Super super amazing, I just loved the line at the end.. “. .The “Skills” portion of your LinkedIn profile won’t know what hit it!” ..lol lol!! I’m actually super intruiged to go through the topics covered and the immersive nature of the bootcamp, really, this is “the best thing”, I simply love it from the bottom of my heart bcoz, I’m a constant learner and the quenchless thirst to acquire knowledge is never ending. I wish I were there, at the place near the bootcamp to avail the opportunity. Yes, online option is there, but financially and time-wise, it’s not convenient to me, alas!!

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