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Coding Dojo vs General Assembly: Which is Best for You?

Coding Dojo and General Assembly are two online learning institutes focusing on STEM courses (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) such as data science, analytics, cybersecurity, and more.

They both offer virtual and in-person course options with the flexibility to fit into your schedule and are both reputable companies with thousands of successful graduates.

In this article, we compare Coding Dojo and General Assembly with a focus on the courses they offer, their pace, how much they cost, where their campuses are, and their learning outcomes.

What is Coding Dojo?

Coding Dojo is a hands-on education company. We offer various bootcamps in programming languages, cybersecurity, web development, and more to help prepare you for a career in a STEM field.

We’ve also got some free workshops to help you begin your journey into a new career field:

Coding Dojo is unique because we help you learn by doing through a cyclical, iterative process. Our courses will take you through the fundamentals, then have you apply them to different programming languages and topics to understand how to use them and see how everything is connected.

What is General Assembly?

General Assembly focuses on education and career transformation, helping people learn the most important skills for some of today’s most in-demand jobs and career fields. General Assembly has a professional community of alumni and company partnerships to help its students start on the right foot once they graduate.

This educational institute focuses on teaching expertly designed courses and providing access to a global network of creative professionals beyond the learning process.

Coding Dojo vs General Assembly: Courses Offered

Whether you already know what type of program you’d like to take or are open to learning, you’ll want to know what programs each institution offers. While there may be similar program offerings, it’s best to look at each website to understand what each course provides in terms of learning topics and flexibility.

Coding Dojo bootcamps include the following:

Coding Dojo Programs

General Assembly Programs

  • Data Science Immersive
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • User Experience Design Immersive
  • Data Analytics Immersive
  • Data Science

Coding Dojo vs General Assembly: Program Pace

As with any education program, flexibility is essential to accommodate your schedule and learning environment preference. That’s why many institutions offer multiple options for you to choose from, whether it’s a full-time program, exclusively virtual, or flexible with part-time dedication.

Coding Dojo Program Pace

  • Online Full-time
  • Online Part-time
  • Online Part-time Flex
  • Online Part-time Accelerated

General Assembly Program Pace

  • Onsite Full-time
  • Online Full-time
  • Onsite Part-time
  • Online Part-time
  • Onsite Part-time (Flex)
  • Online Part-time (Flex)

Coding Dojo vs General Assembly: Cost

Coding Dojo and General Assembly both offer scholarships, loans, bursaries, and other financial relief options to help alleviate the cost of their programs.

Coding Dojo’s Financing 101 page covers the most popular funding methods and how they work. General Assembly has a Student Financing Handbook for download, which goes through all the ins and outs of their financial assistance program.

Coding Dojo Cost

Coding Dojo offers full courses that you can take on a part-time basis. We offer installment plans, loans, numerous scholarships, discounts for paying in full, and a relief fund for individuals experiencing hardship.

Our course costs range from $8495 to $15,495.

General Assembly Cost

General Assembly has a range of courses that differ in price. They also offer scholarships, financing options, tuition discounts, and loans. You’ll pay anywhere from about $3K to $16K, depending on the course you’re taking, whether virtual or on-campus, and the course duration. 

Part-time courses with General Assembly range from $2800 to $14,950, and virtual courses cost a bit less. For full-time bootcamp options, you’re looking at $15,950.

Coding Dojo vs General Assembly: Campus Locations

If you prefer an in-person learning environment, both Coding Dojo and General Assembly offer in-person campus experiences. You can find both companies’ locations below.

Coding Dojo Locations

  • Remote

General Assembly Locations

  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • New York City, NY
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Washington, D.C.

Coding Dojo vs General Assembly: Outcomes

When you dedicate yourself to a coding bootcamp, it’s nice to know that other learners have graduated with positive experiences, that the institution is reputable, and that there are opportunities for support beyond graduation (including job placement and a network of people to connect with).

Coding Dojo Outcomes

  • 8000+ Coding Dojo graduates since 2012
  • 83.8% job placement within six months of graduating
  • 91.1% job placement within one year of graduating
  • $13M in scholarships awarded
  • $69,478 average starting salary

General Assembly Outcomes

  • 4300+ graduates (in 2020)
  • 74.4% job placement within six months of graduating (in 2020)
  • 93.2% job placement within one year of graduating (in 2020)
  • $22.2M in scholarships awarded since 2011

Coding Dojo vs General Assembly: Summary

When comparing Coding Dojo and General Assembly, it’s essential to look at what’s most important for you. Do you prefer an in-person learning environment? General Assembly may be your option if that’s the case, as they have more campuses available. On the other hand, Coding Dojo may have more focused programs that encompass more of what you’re looking for.

Both Coding Dojo and General Assembly have been around for quite some time, and each has its own perks and positives. Depending on what you’re looking for, one institution may be better than the other, or they may be equal. 

For example, these two schools are pretty similar if you’re looking for a virtual learning experience in Data Science. Now, your best bet is to consider costs and what the curriculum looks like for each learning institution to make your decision.