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The Most In-Demand Technologies Used at 2021’s Most Anticipated IPO Companies

We’re always staying on the pulse of the software development industry so that we can better prepare our students for the rapidly-changing technology job market. Many of our students, and developers in general, are interested in working at top startups and tech companies. With the recent IPO of Coinbase ($COIN), we decided to look at what it takes to get hired at other hot tech companies expected to IPO this year.

For this study, we focused on five tech companies: Instacart, Nextdoor, Stripe, Robinhood, and UiPath. We first compiled open engineering and development roles at the five companies using a Boolean search string on Then, our team used StackShare to compile a list of the tech tools used by each to identify the technologies developers need to know to get hired at these companies. 

While this report isn’t completely exhaustive – new technologies and projects constantly come and go at fast-paced tech companies – it definitely does provide a roadmap for what skills, tools, and languages developers should learn to get hired at their dream company. Whether you choose to attend one of our campuses around the country or online, Coding Dojo can prepare you to get a job at some of the most innovative companies in the world.  

Without further adieu, let’s dig into the data!

Report Findings

Total Open Development/Engineering Roles: 266 
Most Open Development/Engineering Roles: Stripe (146)

Luckily for developers or workers interested in pivoting into the tech industry, the hiring slowdown due to COVID-19 is in the rear-view mirror. Each company examined in this report has plenty of career opportunities as they continue to scale and prepare for their 2021 IPO. The hiring frenzy in the tech sector doesn’t appear to be slowing down either, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting demand for Software Developers to grow by 22% (much higher than average) and demand for Web Developers and Digital Designers to grow by 8% by 2029. 

Total Tools/Technologies Used: 114
Largest Application & Data Stack: Instacart (26)
Largest DevOps Stack: Robinhood (24)

The 26 tools and technologies used at Instacart are only for their website – but the stack for the Instacart mobile application does include many of the same technologies. So, developers with experience and skills using any of these tools will be well equipped to land a role at the sprawling grocery delivery company. 
As the youngest company in this report, Robinhood (founded April 18, 2013) historically has not had a large DevOps team. In fact, as of 2016 the entire department was only two people. The situation appears to be changing as the organization continues to scale its mobile application and web services. 

Top Programming Language: Python (used at 40% of the companies)

It’s no surprise to see Python as the top languages as it also topped our recent Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2021 report.  Over the last few years, businesses have been asking for more and more Python developers. Since the beginning of 2018, the number of jobs has skyrocketed. This is great news for programmers, or those looking to start their career, as Python is one of the simplest languages to learn. It also has widespread applications across data science or analysis, web or software development, testing, and much more.  

Top Framework: Bootstrap (used at 60% of the companies)

Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework used to create websites, applications, and many other tech products. It features plenty of HTML and CSS templates to adjust UI interfaces such as buttons and forms, as well as supporting many JavaScript extensions. One of its core use cases is creating responsive CSS designs to conform web pages or app views to different screen sizes. This helps ensure consistency across various platforms and eliminates cross-browser issues. 

Top Utility: Google Analytics (used at 80% of the companies)

Google Analytics is the preeminent tool used by businesses of all sizes to understand customer behavior and preferences. It allows developers to interact with client libraries and APIs organized by data collection, configuration, processing, and reporting. The ability to implement the tool and make data driven decisions based on the information provided by Google Analytics, is critical to development prioritization and broader business decisions, like marketing spend.

Top DevOps Tool: GitHub (used at 60% of the companies) 

GitHub is an open source repository and it is used to host and review code, build software, and manage development projects. It’s a trusted legacy system to many, with more than 40 million users and over 100 million repositories worldwide – making it the largest code source repository in the entire world. 
Here’s what Coding Dojo VP of Curriculum Todd Enders had to say

Most large tech companies will use multiple DevOps tools to organize their sprawling repositories and keep production on track. While many advanced DevOps tools exist, GitHub has strong community support, integrates easily with commonly used tools such as IDEs, and has always made it easy for developers to switch from public to private repos as needed.

For a full breakdown of the technologies used at each company, please click the table below!