Top Companies Hiring Data Scientists

If you ever meet a data scientist, odds are you are meeting a very happy person.

In the three top factors for job quality, data scientists have been running a victory lap for a couple of years. Whether it’s amazing starting salaries, high job satisfaction and level of demand in the field, data scientists are killing it. 

Not only are data scientists and other people in big data enjoying some of the best fundamentals when it comes to what makes a great job, the best, most forward-looking companies in the world are the ones hiring.

Thanks to a report by Diffbot on staffing at the world’s top tech companies, we know which companies are hiring the most data scientists as well as other roles closely associated with the profession. 

If you’re willing to upgrade your STEM degree or Master’s to the world of data science with our Data Science Program at Coding Dojo, here are the companies you a very likely to end up at.

Microsoft – 1,623 High-Level Data Employees

783 data scientists

373 data engineers

268 data architects

42 machine learning engineers

29 big data engineers

128 artificial intelligence experts

Facebook – 1,1307 High-level Data Employees

723 data scientists

373 data engineers

61 machine learning engineers

22 big data engineers

41 artificial intelligence experts

IBM – 1,245 High-level Data Employees

646 data scientists

166 data engineers

321 data architects

32 machine learning engineers

28 big data engineers

52 artificial intelligence experts

Amazon – 1,215 High-Level Data Employees

313 data scientists

694 data engineers

58 data architects

53 machine learning engineers

53 big data engineers

44 artificial intelligence experts

Google – 904 High-Level Data Employees

526 data scientists

180 data engineers

36 data architects

74 machine learning engineers

15 big data engineers

73 artificial intelligence experts

Apple – 385 High-Level Data Employees

216 data scientists

109 data engineers

34 machine learning engineers

Oracle – 306 High-Level Data Employees

120 data scientists

71 data engineers

105 data architects

10 big data engineers

Major-league data

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