3 Life-Changing Resolutions You Can Fulfill In 14 Weeks

“There is nothing magical about the flip of a calendar, but it represents a clean break,a new hope and blank canvas.”

– Jason Sorowski

For better or worse, New Year’s has become the most popular time to reflect on our lives and decide what we want to change. Far and away, resolutions about improving your appearance are the most common and there is a multitrillion-dollar industry dedicated to helping you with the exercise and diet needs to hit your goals.

After weight-loss and fitness resolutions, the most common self-improvement goals center on professional & financial fulfillment.

Unlike wellness goals, the path to finding concrete, actionable ways to: 1) Get a new job; 2) Make/save more money; and 3) Gain a new skill (the three most common resolutions behind weight loss) don’t have a well-defined path — until now.

With our coding bootcamp, over 5,000 alumni have been able to completely change & upgrade their skill sets to that of a professional developer, reaping the rewards of a better salary and joining a booming industry in the process — all in 14 weeks.

Get a better job after 14 weeks

Like it or not, the fourth industrial revolution is well underway. This means that every job out there, save for a few, is implementing tech to automate the position, streamline the industry or completely reinvent the way things in that field work. 

Thankfully, now is a key time where you can decide to be on the right side or the wrong side of this change.

With Coding Dojo, people with little-to-no coding experience have been able to land the most in-demand jobs in tech.

What jobs have our grads landed?

Where do our grads work?

Make more money after 14 weeks

Where demand is booming, the wages tend to boom as well. For too many people, the common way to get a better salary is to put your head down and push harder doing the same work.

The real secret to getting a raise: Go where they pay more money.

Whether you are coming right out of high school, are a recent college grad dissatisfied with your progression at work or someone with a Master’s who needs to make a serious career change before it’s too late, coding boot camps have meant bigger paychecks across the board. In fact, the average starting salary for bootcamp grads in $76,500, almost $20,000 higher than what college grads make right after school.


Know valuable skills after 14 weeks

Talk to any recruiter in tech about what skill you should learn if you have the time and you are likely to hear a few things. “Learn Python!” “AWS is a must.” “Java is going to be huge this year.” If you aren’t familiar with whatever the hell they are talking about, the recruiters are talking about different coding languages.

At coding bootcamp, we teach you the three full stacks of coding languages used by the world’s most desirable companies. 

Resolve to reach your potential fast

Keeping resolutions is no cakewalk. Just 36.6% of people manage to keep their resolutions for a month and only 11.4% say they kept theirs for over a year.

There is no worse feeling than truly wanting to make a change and then fail.

With bootcamp, you will have a team of some of the world’s best professionals making sure that you hit the three crucial resolutions above, in just 14 weeks.

Apply now — it only takes 2 minutes.

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