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5 Things To Know About Coding Bootcamp


Whether you’re researching which school to attend with help from the GI Bill, completing your application after college or you’re about to begin your first class, you need to hear this: Congrats on your journey to Coding Bootcamp!

Coding Bootcamp is the best way to become a developer if you are looking to avoid the trappings of the huge debts and years it takes to complete a computer science degree. In a matter of 14 weeks Coding Dojo can unlock a world of better salaries and opportunities by empowering you with the most common skills needed to perform the most in-demand tech jobs.

But before you make your first click in class, there are five things you need to know to thrive in (not just survive) bootcamp.

1.Computer Science Degrees = Fat | Coding Bootcamps = Muscle

You only need 20% of a computer science degree to perform a job as a developer (the other 80% you learn with the specifics of your job). Coding Dojo focuses on the 20% you need to know.

2. Be Physically Prepared On Day 1

Coding Dojo is intensive, but it’s worth it. We move at an accelerated pace and cover 3X the material of other bootcamps. For example, by the end of the first week, you’ll be able to build your own website using HTML and CSS.

3. Be Educationally Prepared On Day 1

Fact: Everyone can code, but it’s not easy to learn fast. Coding Dojo provides essential exercises you need to complete in order to hit the ground running when you arrive. Do not skip!

4. Be Mentally Prepared On Day 1

Completing our bootcamp takes a minimum of 50 hours a week while our most successful students can spend between 70-90 hours on the program.

Also, you should expect to work collaboratively, not competitively, with your classmates.

5. We Wish It Was Free, But It Isn’t

Though Coding Dojo costs relatively little compared to a traditional computer-science degree, we do charge tuition. Fortunately, payments are flexible and can either be made in installments or monthly.

Last thing, you can’t become a developer if you don’t finish your application to Coding Dojo!

Apply now and our admissions team will set up a call to get you started! 

Good luck and code hard!