How Students Find StartUp Success Through Coding Bootcamps

Apparently Coding Dojo alumni, AJ Agrawal, never heard the adage that entrepreneurship can’t be taught.

In 2013, AJ graduated from college with a novel idea—a mobile app that would allow alumni to meet face-to face based on common interests. However, Agrawal quickly found himself faced with a common problem among entrepreneurs: he lacked the technical skills to turn his vision into reality. And so he went back to school, signing up for an immersive, 12-week boot camp at Coding Dojo, where students learn real-world web development and computer programming skills.

While at Coding Dojo, AJ Agrawal developed enough real-world coding skills to get his startup rolling, and soon after graduating, he officially launched Alumnify. The exciting company has received funding from multiple sources, and is starting to take off, securing contracts with a growing number of universities and colleges across the U.S.

Stories like Agrawal’s are becoming more and more common—a testament to how an education in coding and web development is often all that stands between entrepreneurs and startup success.

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