Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

So, you want to become a software developer – the most in-demand job in the U.S.  You’re deciding the best way to learn coding and wondering “Are coding bootcamps worth it?” 

Spoiler: Yes, they are! 

The coding bootcamp at Coding Dojo only takes 14 weeks, and you’ll leave with all the skills you need to land a high-paid developing job.

So, what’s holding you back?

Myths that stop you from learning to code

Coding Bootcamp Teachers And Students

“I’m not good at math”

Don’t worry – you don’t need an advanced degree in mathematics to learn coding. We teach you everything you need to know. 

“I’m too old”

There’s no age cut-off at Coding Dojo. We have students of all ages in our bootcamps. It’s never too late to give yourself a new lucrative skillset.

“I don’t have any coding experience”

No experience required. More than 80% of our students don’t have any coding experience when they join us. All you need is a desire to change your life through a new career in technology. 

You might be interested in Stack Overflow’s research on the state of developers. Of the 90,000 respondents, 45% had less than 10 years of experience.

People join us from all kinds of industries, including marketing and HR.

“The market is too saturated”

This is simply not true! Software development is a profession with the highest growth potential over the next five years. Companies all over the world need developers, and will pay top dollar for people who have the right skills.

The pros of coding bootcamps

Coding Bootcamp Alumni Working

When you ask “Are coding bootcamps worth it?,” you can get a laundry list of potential benefits. The most common things people consider, though, are these wants…

  • You want to get training quickly (three months for our bootcamp, versus four years at a traditional college).
  • You want to spend a fraction of the cost of a college degree .
  • You want skills that are directly matched with local job markets, taught by experts in the industry.

Did you know you only need 20% of a computer science degree to be a developer? We teach you those crucial skills in a fraction of the time.

The education thats makes coding bootcamp worth it

Coding Dojo offers the best Coding Bootcamp

Coding Dojo specializes in a 3-stack curriculum, where as most other coding programs only offer 1 stack.

That means you will be prepared to work at every level of development – including front-end, back-end and data storage.

You will learn:

  • Python
  • MEAN
  • .NET Core
  • Java 
  • MERN

Examples of technologies in those stacks include HTML 5, MySQL, Node,js, C#, and Java 8.

That means you will be fluent in the coding languages used by the most desirable companies in the world. We work directly with top employers to find out which languages are in-demand. 

This broad set of skills also lets you evolve with the industry, instead of having to go back to school to learn more stacks.

Still wondering if coding bootcamps are worth it?

What does a day at coding bootcamp look like?

A session from a Coding Dojo coding bootcamp.

Your day will be a mix of learning activities  — from lectures, talks by industry leaders, breakout sessions, practical work, and online learning. No two days will be the same.

We believe the most important part of your education is getting your hands dirty, so there is lots of time to experiment and try out the new curriculum you learned that day.

It’s an intensive 14-week course, and you can expect to put in around 70 hours a week — it’s the key to making coding bootcamps worth it.

What if I can’t attend full-time?

You’re in luck! We offer an online part-time coding bootcamp aimed at people who have full-time jobs. You’ll still learn the comprehensive curriculum, which you can access through our custom online platform. 

You will also join live evening classes, and have access to hands-on instructor support. In just 16 weeks, you’ll gain web fundamentals skills and one full stack – all from the comfort of your living room.

Does Coding Dojo help me get a job at the end?

Career services are an amazing perk of coding bootcamp.

We have a dedicated career support service for all students and alumni. From the moment you start bootcamp, the career services team works with you to build your professional resume & portfolio, scout & apply to job opportunities, and prep you for interviews & negotiate offers.

In fact, the majority of students are employed within six months of finishing the bootcamp. You will create an impressive portfolio during the coding bootcamp, allowing you to showcase your in-demand skills.

We don’t just help you find a job; we help you plan a career.

Where do former students work now?

Our alumni work for the biggest names in the tech industry, including:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Cisco
  • HP
  • Microsoft
  • IBM

… and many more! Read success stories from real alumni.

How do I know if Coding Dojo is a good choice?

Happy students at coding bootcamp.

There are plenty of coding training programs out there. They might teach similar skills, so it can be difficult to know which is best for you. If you want to understand how good a program is, look at its track record. 

We’ve been giving people the skills they need to be successful in technology for more than a decade. Our team of seasoned software developers and tech executives design the curriculum to give you an edge in the industry. 

We are also the only bootcamp in the world backed by MIT.

How do I apply?

The easiest but most important part of bootcamp is actually getting enrolled. 

All you need to do is Apply! From start to finish, the application only takes 2 minutes. Once that is complete, an Admissions Counselor will reach out for an interview to make sure coding bootcamp is right for you.

We run courses at our 10 campuses from California to Virginia. New courses start every month.

The Coding Dojo Bootcamp is not for everyone. But if you are motivated to change your future, learn from the brightest minds in technology, and set yourself up for a successful career, we are ready for you.

Make 2020 the year you finally invest in yourself and get the career you deserve.

Apply Now!

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