Cajamon Gamification App Wins THack @ SFO, Helps Make the Most of Waiting at the Airport

Waiting at the airport doesn’t have to be a horribly boring or frustrating experience. In fact, it can even be fun!

This past weekend a group of Coding Dojo students participated in THack @ SFO, a travel hackathon that brought together developers and travel APIs from leading tech and travel industries to help re-imagine the traveler experience.

The challenge, sponsored by SFO, IBM, Sabre, Virgin America and others, was to create a service that fell into one of following the categories:

  1. Inspiration, discovery, memories
  2. Mobile apps based on SFO beacons, waypoints and smartphone data
  3. Accommodation-planning for travelers
  4. Route-planning for travelers

The Coding Dojo team decided to tackle the second category and created a gamification app, Cajamon, inspired by the popular game Pokémon. Cajamon essentially turns waiting for your flight into a game, while also offering terminal businesses new ways to incentivize potential customers.

Here’s how it works.

When travelers are walking around the airport, Cajamon monsters can appear on their mobile device and the user has the option to fight and capture them. If the user wins the game, the mobile app uses geo-fencing and presents a coupon to the user based on whatever stores are nearby. The app stores the captured Cajamon monsters in a “Cajadex,” so the user can keep track of what Cajamons have been captured.

It’s a pretty cool app, so it’s no surprise that Cajamon was named Judge’s Choice Large Team Winner and Audience Favorite Winner!

Here’s a video of Cajamon in action:

The winning team hopes to roll out Cajamon at SFO, and then eventually offer it at airports around the world, which could provide their own versions of the app. The team also envisions a “collect them all” initiative that links together airports and airport businesses worldwide.

Thanks to the Cajamon team for creating the app and to SFO and the other sponsors for supporting innovation!

Cajamon Team

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