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What is Python

What is Python?

No, we’re not talking about the snake. Python is arguably the most popular, friendly, and simple programming language out there. Pretty much everyone seems to be using it now, for lots of different reasons. But what exactly is it? Who uses it and what for? That’s what we’re going to chat about in this article.  So, …

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Note about Python

What is Python used for?

What is Python used for? Over the last few years, Python has become increasingly popular. And in 2021, it was the top programming language that employers sought, with over 70,000 job descriptions asking for it. It’s a language that can handle complicated tasks, but has a simple syntax and is easy enough for new developers …

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Software developer reviewing job offers

Are Software Developers In Demand?

As the world evolves, every business has gone digital. Banks need developers to improve their apps and create algorithms. Retailers are looking at ways to recommend the best products. Internal divisions like marketing need tools that’ll make them more efficient.