From Running A Busy Kitchen to Crafting Essential Code | How Christopher Carey Took A Chance & Found A New Career

  • Co-owned and operated a family restaurant with his parents
  • High school dropout
  • Was scared to leave his business, but wanted more for his wife and kids
After Dojo:
  • Working as a Web Developer for a local company
  • Has newfound confidence in his abilities
  • Enjoying a work/life balance he never had before
Program: Three full-stack bootcamp in Chicago, IL

It taught me that I can learn new things, gave me confidence, and solidified that this is what I want to do.

Tell us a little about yourself. Age, hobbies, passions, and what you were doing (professionally) before the bootcamp. 

I’m 32, I like to exercise and spend time with my kids and my wife. I’m also a high school drop-out and a recovering addict with 10 years of sobriety. Prior to the bootcamp, I co-owned and helped operate a family restaurant with my parents.

Beyond the desire of learning to code, why did you decide to enroll in a coding bootcamp? 

I wanted more for my family. Owning a restaurant with my family was taxing in many ways. It was a strain on our relationship. It was also so much work that most of the time went unnoticed. Ultimately, it was not satisfying.

What fears or doubts were holding you back from enrolling? How did you get over them?

It was a scary idea to leave the family business. Letting my family know and feeling like I’m letting them down was something I struggled with.

What sealed the deal on Coding Dojo? Why did you choose us over other programs?

I loved that I learned 3 full stacks.

What was it like getting ready for the bootcamp? How did you prepare?

I was extremely excited! To prepare, I worked very hard to make all the money I needed to not only to pay for the course, but also living expenses for my time off. I also went to some of the intro classes and any events Coding Dojo had.

Walk us through your first few weeks in the program. What were parts you liked? Parts you struggled with?

I came in with a slight knowledge base so Web Fundamentals came somewhat easy. Switching stacks was interesting and a bit more challenging because you really had to change your mindset. 

How did you overcome the obstacles or struggles you faced?

Classmates, great instructors, and the almighty Google. 

Do you have any fun anecdotes to share about your time in the bootcamp? Make good friends? Fond memories?

I became friends with 2 really great people and we talk everyday about what we are up to, as well as talking through problems that we may have with current projects.

When your graduation date was approaching, how did you feel about your skills and job prospects?

I was excited and I didn’t really know what to expect. I was just ready to apply, apply, apply!

Beyond the coding expertise, did the bootcamp give you anything else?

It taught me that I can learn new things, gave me confidence, and solidified that this is what I want to do.

How did the job hunt go? Where did you land a job?

It was a struggle and I applied…a lot! It started to become a little scary when I couldn’t find one, and then COVID-19 hit. Luckily, a company down the street from me was hiring so I applied and they gave me a chance. I now work as a Web Developer and am very grateful!

What advice do you have for others who are interested in coding bootcamps or who are just starting one?

Learn, study and practice. The answers are out there.

What are your goals or dreams for the future, say 5 or 10 years from now?

I want to develop my craft A LOT and enjoy the work life balance I never got before.

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