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The latest coding bootcamp graduate spotlight on is Coding Dojo’s very own Kendall Dalton! Kendall is an inspiration for anyone with limited coding experience that wants to take the plunge into web development.

A few months ago Kendall came into Coding Dojo with a background in integrated marketing and public relations. Like many Coding Dojo students, Kendall wasn’t all that passionate about her career and realized it was time to make a switch.

In the Q&A, Kendall shares what she did to prepare for Coding Dojo experience (spoiler alert: check out our Algorithm prep app!), along with how Coding Dojo’s industry-leading instructors, curriculum and her own dedication empowered her to land a job just one month after graduation as a technical producer for front-end development at REI.

Changing course mid-career can be terrifying, but anything is possible if you’re surrounded by a community invested in your success and have the determination to see it through. Whether you are currently considering attending a coding bootcamp or not, you will surely find inspiration in Kendall’s story.

Click here to read Kendall Dalton’s full interview about her journey and time at Coding Dojo on

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