My Coding Dojo Experience In A Nutshell

By David Ortiz (Coding Dojo’s January 6th, 2014 Class)

My Coding Dojo experience was better than I anticipated. I met the nicest and coolest people who helped make time go by fast and be worth it. Days were long, 12 or 13 hour days followed by long weekends. Most of my time was either spent coding, reading, or driving 72 miles a day from San Francisco to Mountain View. Soy Lattes became my best friend to keep up my energy and to keep up with all that was being learned.


One of the best things that I liked while at Coding Dojo was all of the good and healthy snacks that were provided.  I believed that in order to be smart and sharp, good food is a must. My favorites were the bananas and the pears. I never felt low on energy; maybe because I was conscious of what foods to consume in order to keep up a sharp brain.

At week nine, I had to prepare wire-framing for the last project which was to be presented on graduation day. I spent a few days brainstorming on how I was going to have a website done in 3 weeks, on top of what else needed to be finished before the bootcamp came to an end.


After the wireframe was completed, in week 10 was created.  The project was very ambitious so I decided to ask a few of my classmates if they wanted to participate in my project. This way we all could put to the test what we’ve learned at the program and whatever else we could learn from each other, but the most important part is the experience of working with other people.


Graduation finally arrived!  Many feelings of anticipation, exhaustion, nervousness, and relief were strongly felt on this day. The thoughts of what I learned for 12 weeks were mostly in my mind. From day one I was clueless of what was being taught, then the algorithms were introduced and I was shocked. I was shocked by not knowing what I was doing or what an algorithm even was. After a few weeks, I finally began to understand the material that was presented with the help of my instructors and peers. At this moment, I understood web development and what it all meant. Now I see algorithms everywhere!


Now that the bootcamp is over, I can say that it was all worth it. All of the long days, short nights, fast lunches, and not enough time to eat were worth it. The long commute, the traffic, and sometimes no time to breath was worth it. Fixing, learning, and trying to decipher bad coding – even that was worth it.

The best part of my experience is that I can now confidently say, “I am a Jr. Web Developer and can’t stop coding!”.

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