Coding Dojo Goes to Space

Coding is fun. Coding is great. Coding is the best thing to ever exist. Coding is also rather challenging and draining.

Because of this, we organize a Sports Day every Wednesday for our students to partake in. A little sun and movement never hurt anyone, right? Unfortunately for those of us in the Silicon Valley, winter has been freezing (well, for Californians)! To replace Sports Days on cold and wet days, we’ve been having board game and movie + popcorn days – and as fun and cozy as these are, we wanted to try something new: a field trip.This past week we took a field trip to space. Or in nationwide terms, NASA’s Ames Research Center.



We had a chance to experience what living and working in space is like, what the Kepler Mission was all about, what the SOFIA observatory was intended for, see a real life moon rock, and gain more insight on what discovering the moon entailed! The tour that we were given was interesting and insightful and we left with some fun facts under our belt.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 3.43.34 PM



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