Coding Dojo Hosts Aaron Zeisler (Sr Software Engineer, Linden Lab)

This week we had the incredible opportunity of hosting Aaron Zeisler at the Dojo. Aaron is a Sr Software Engineer at Linden Lab, a former Sr Software Engineer at LifeMasters, and a Computer Science graduate from Bowling Green State University. We picked Aaron’s brain about his journey to his current role and are excited about both his impressive programming experience as well as his sense of humor! A few key takeaways from the Tech Talk:

  • Communication in a team environment is key as programmers work very closely together
  • Being social at work is important, it allows you to build strong relationships with your coworkers
  • Some of the best qualities for a programmer to have are a mix of communication skills and innovative thinking
  • PHP is the end boss of disgusting programming projects
  • Python and Django are awesome

Thanks, Aaron!

If you’re interested in the full version of this fireside chat, please watch it here

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