Coding Dojo Hosts Jonathan Nelson (Founder, Hackers / Founders)

Serial entrepreneur Jonathan Nelson gave a tech talk at Coding Dojo about his journey of being a nurse to being the founder of Hackers / Founders. He covered the steps that he took to get to where he is today and let us add that he did so with humor that we have yet to see at the Dojo.

Hackers / Founders is all about making life suck 34% less for tech founders in Silicon Valley and around the world. The company has grown from just four dudes who initially met in a bar for some drinks and new tech ideas to be the largest community of early tech founders in Silicon Valley. The Mountain View Meetup group alone has over 10 thousand members!

In Jonathan’s tech talk, we learn the importance of creativity, networking, and teaching yourself how to code – all aspects that all great tech founders possess.

I moved to The Valley with a crazy idea, that I would build 10 companies in 10 years.

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