Coding Dojo Hosts Kristopher Hamoud (Founder & CEO, Paytagz)

This past week we snagged a chance at having a fireside chat with Kristopher Hamoud, a Coding Dojo alumni and entrepreneur. We are so very proud of Kris’ achievements at the Dojo and even more proud that he has BEEN ACCEPTED INTO BOOST.VC‘S ACCELERATOR PROGRAM! Kris’ startup idea (Paytagz) is applaudable and is being funded by an accelerator program that is just a bit over 3 months in duration. The program is providing him with funding for his company, workspace, access to communication with notable people in the tech industry, and a chance to demo his hard work at an exclusive event with investors.

Kris’ past (and interesting!) experience consists of being a Rails Consultant at Spreeify, CTO and Co-founder of, a Computer Science background at Michigan University, and male cheerleading experience. Here are a few key takeaways from the Tech Talk:

  • Coding Dojo helped Kris build a foundation for programming and seal any cracks in the coding knowledge that he had before
  • He loves to code on his own!
  • Coding Dojo has trained him and made him tougher in terms of starting a business
  • Always keep building stuff! You won’t get any better at programming unless you keep on building.
  • Kris is really good at picking up chicks
  • A busy person will always find time to get something done

Thanks, Kris!

If you’re interested in the full version of this fireside chat, please watch it here.

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