Coding Dojo’s Ninja Staff Saves Bees!

Earlier this week, our Ninja Staff took a break to grab some much-needed coffee. On their way to the coffee shop, they noticed a problem—a large beehive had split and fallen down from the tree and onto a few parking lot spots on campus. One of the superstar instructors, Dexter Clark, decided to help rescue the bees! He immediately called an expert bee-care company to help relocate and save the bees (and paid a large fee for the relocation with the help of some other ninja staff!).

The bee-care company prides itself in preserving and relocating Honey Bees and their colonies. Had our superstar simply walked by the buzzing bees and ignored them, the bees would most likely have been exterminated by a local bee-removal company.

Bees play a very important role in our world, so here’s to many pats on the back for Mr. Clark and his tenderheartedness!

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