Hacking My Potential; Or Why I Learned How To Code

By Chris Kaundart (Coding Dojo’s September 3rd, 2013 Class)

Why wouldn’t I want to learn to code? That’s probably a much better question. Simply put, I’m a firm believer that just about anything you do (career-wise or just as a hobby) can likely be enhanced by knowing how to program a computer.

I come from an Internet Marketing background, where the user is King and it’s your job to creatively give them what they want. I started off writing SEO articles (that’s an acronym for content that’s designed to make Google like you). But that content doesn’t do much good sitting on your hard drive. So what did I do? I learned how to put the articles on the Internet.

As I dug further and further down the rabbit hole, I was bombarded with so many opportunities to use code to improve Marketing efforts. The President of the company thought our users needed a better way to find our products. So, we built a JavaScript-powered filtering application that let people select products based on their needs. The CEO then asked, “How do we measure user engagement on our website?”. We took this question into consideration and wrote complex queries to show that engaged users spend at least 7 seconds on a page and visit at least 5 pages. With this in mind, we built web pages conducive to this new user engagement metric.

These simple examples illustrate why I felt so compelled to learn how to code. I was scratching the surface by hacking together bits of code to satisfy these needs. This new found excitement about programming is what led me to learn more code at Coding Dojo. After graduating from the bootcamp, I can now come up with even more creative solutions to these kinds of problems and further feed my excitement about programming!

Check out Chris’ website and portfolio here.

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