Why Seasoned Software Developers Are Turning to Coding Bootcamps

After years—sometimes decades—of stressful code releases and deadlines, seasoned software developers all over the country are beginning to summarize their career choice with a few proverbs. You’ve heard them before: The grass is always greener on the other side; All that glitters is not gold; Don’t judge a book by its cover. You get the idea. Within businesses of every size, from startups to corporations, experienced developers are looking for a change—something that replaces the monotony and 80-hour workweeks with a refreshing, rewarding career that applies their honed skills and experience.

A fulfilling pivot to teaching

Presumptions aside, the stress is real and certainly a factor as skilled developers begin to wax philosophical and turn to idioms over algorithms while they search for the next big thing. But what is the next big thing for software developers looking to veer off the traditional route yet remain in the field? Perhaps that thing is a gratifying career that makes use of their talents and knowledge, yet allows them to keep learning and to work hands-on with code every day. Perhaps that thing could be teaching at Coding Dojo.

What is Coding Dojo?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the coding bootcamps popping up throughout the country. As an alternative to traditional education, boot camps are technical training programs that teach the parts of programming with the biggest impact on product relevance and current market needs. This enables anyone—from aspiring developers to experienced industry vets—to learn new skills and technologies quickly in order to generate, upgrade, or completely reinvent their career path.

Coding Dojo isn’t just one of these bootcamps—it’s the bootcamp. The Dojo surpasses all traditional bootcamps in its materials, intensity, preparation, and support. Not only does Coding Dojo teach more full stacks than any other bootcamp, it also provides an unmatched dynamic curriculum and comprehensive career support. However, the biggest differentiator for the Dojo may be its experienced, hands-on instructors.

Why become a Coding Dojo instructor?

Dojo instructors are afforded the luxury that many describe as “the best of both worlds.” With one foot planted in the fast-paced world of software development and the other in helping people transform their career trajectories, instructors are able to find a perfect balance of rewarding, exciting work and continual learning without the stress and monotony that surrounds corporate life.

– Rewarding is an understatement.

Coding Dojo is built on the belief that anyone can transform his or her life by learning to code. That means many students come into the boot camp with no previous coding experience or knowledge. In just 14 weeks, instructors guide and mentor even the greenest students to help them reach their goals and embark on a whole new career direction. It’s rewarding stuff, to say the least.

This job feeds my soul. I believe in human potential and it’s inspiring to help people transform their lives.

– Martin Puryear, Lead Instructor

– Always learning. Always growing.

Software development is constantly changing. It moves rapidly and there’s always something new. At Coding Dojo, the curriculum is dynamic and constantly shifting to meet industry demands. So as an instructor you’re always on the leading edge of technology, that is, deep in the code every day.

In addition, prior to teaching classes, every instructor attends the boot camp with students to boost his or her skills, to learn, and to refine his or her teaching method. This helps instructors develop and become comfortable in their teaching style, as well as receive hands-on development training to master the fundamentals and learn new languages.

It’s critical for instructors to experience the program so we can replicate the experience for students.

– Authman Apatira, Lead Instructor

– Startup feel. Corporate stability.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re a cog in the corporate machine. With little influence to affect change, employees begin to feel powerless and lose their motivation to excel. Established companies that put developers in this situation may not notice this, since they don’t often collapse after a down quarter or a poor release. At Coding Dojo, instructors, again, have the best of both worlds. We’re large enough to be stable and provide competitive salaries, yet small enough to be nimble. If you don’t like something, change it. Develop curriculum, create training programs, or propose new technologies. Coding Dojo can easily adapt to instructors’ goals and needs.

It’s incredible to learn from each student’s unique perspective and experience.

– Speros Misirlakis, Lead Instructor

 Coding Dojo is hiring

Coding Dojo has been growing, as experienced developers have left high-profile development positions at NASA, Microsoft, and various prolific tech-startups to become instructors at one of our locations in Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington D.C. and Chicago.

Ready to make a change? Join Our Team.

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