Liberty in North Korea Hackathon Recap: Empowering a Rescue Movement Through Coding

Over the weekend, more than 25 Coding Dojo alumni and students pulled together in a 48-hour hackathon to support Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), a non-profit organization helping North Korean refugees to reach freedom.

There are 350 LiNK affiliated Rescue Teams in 16 countries around the world working to engage their schools and communities by organizing events that raise awareness and funds for refugee rescues, resettlement assistance and empowerment programs.


To maximize the effectiveness of this movement, hackathon participants were tasked with finding new ways to connect rescue teams and make the global coalition feel more like ONE.

All of the participants brought creativeness and technical prowess to the table, but there were two teams that won over the judges with their projects!

Coding Dojo Hackathon Winners

Team 1: Jalal Beauchman, Anirudha Dasgupta, Lan Nguyen, Vincent Tadeo, Isaac Lee

Winning Project: An internal portal that enables each Rescue Team to create a team page where they can post information viewable by the global LiNK community. For example, team member contact info, upcoming events/activities and funds raised to date. The portal also aggregates a directory of upcoming Rescue Team events scheduled worldwide. Similar to social platforms like Facebook, Rescue Team members can connect through a messaging platform to share best practices and resources. 

Team 2 (LiNK Now): Alex Park, David Jimenez, Mona Rajhans, Teodor Cataniciu, Rui (Ray) Wang

Winning Project: Overcoming one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today is no easy feat. That’s why the LiNK Now team wanted to create a solution that helps teams feel like they’re facing this huge mission together instead of in silos. The hackathon team developed features allowing teams to get a sense of how their efforts, no matter how small, help add to the bigger picture. For instance, Rescue Teams from around the world can track minute by minute every dollar amount coming through how that’s tracking towards overall LiNK fundraising goals. Another feature allows Rescue Teams hosting fundraising events to tag photos using the hashtag #LibertyInNorthKorea, which are then aggregated on a single photo feed on the LiNK website — a powerful way to show the story of people across the globe contributing to the same growing movement. Additionally, Rescue Teams can now connect using a centralized forum and follow a live stream of team updates.

Congratulations to the winning teams!

To learn more about LiNK or to get involved, visit

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