A Glimpse into the Life of a Coding Bootcamp Student

We do our best to provide prospective Coding Dojo students with info to help them get a sense of the experience at our coding bootcamps, including testimonials, details about our program options, and examples of student projects.

Still, wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow gain access to a coding bootcamp student’s candid thoughts about the program in real-time as s/he went through the whirlwind 12-week experience?

Why yes, it would. And now you can.

While doing the 12-week onsite bootcamp in Seattle, Ted Young maintained a daily blog in which he chronicled his entire experience.  While we weren’t actually involved in Ted’s blog, we truly enjoyed reading about his bootcamp experience, and we think you will too.

There are lots of insights to be gained, from descriptions of the kinds of challenges students try to solve to the teaching methods employed by founder and chief instructor Michael Choi. Along the way, Ted gives thoughtful advice on do’s and don’ts (do get enough sleep, don’t get cocky about exams), and includes screenshots and photos of the projects he is working on. There’s even some good old fashioned drama at the end as Ted navigates multiple interviews with recruiters and—spoiler alert!—successfully gets a job!

Click below to read Ted’s first-hand account:

Read Ted's Story!

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