Online Community Manager to Mobile Coding | How Sebastian Schreuder Built His Tech Career

  • Worked as a Ethical Hacker and Community Manager
  • Desired to create and build new things using code
  • Had a background in game development but wanted to learn three full stacks
After Dojo:
  • Works as a Full Stack Engineer
  • Created a networking and working group whose members he still talks to and helps to this day
  • Is on the path to be able to transition into his dream job as a game developer
Program: Three Full Stack Online Full-Time bootcamp

I felt good, I already had job offers lined up even before leaving which made me feel secure in my future.

Tell us a little about yourself. Age, hobbies, passions, and what you were doing (professionally) before the bootcamp?

I’m 28 years old and enjoy game development, reading, and working with Raspberry Pi to make little inventions for myself.

Prior to Coding Dojo, I was working as an Ethical Hacker / Community Manager for Divergence Academy.

Beyond the desire of learning to code, why did you decide to enroll in a coding bootcamp? 

The transition from Ethical Hacking to Coding wasn’t a big leap for me, but I realized that I wanted to create things instead of sitting and watching other people’s code for faults. I still do that now, but in a different capacity. 

What sealed the deal on Coding Dojo? Why did you choose us over other programs?

I loved that it was a three stack program. I noticed other programs were longer, but they only focused on one generic stack which wasn’t what I was looking for.

What was it like getting ready for the bootcamp? Were you nervous, excited, etc.? How did you prepare?

I had already been to another boot camp for Ethical Hacking so I already knew that it would be like drinking from a water hose. I made sure that I was ready by completing everything as early as I could and made sure to try to keep ahead even if the concepts were lost on me at first.

Walk us through your first few weeks in the program. What were parts you liked? Parts you struggled with? 

They were rather easy if you did the proper studying prior to coming into the course. I enjoyed actually getting to build out things and create my own projects.

How did you overcome the obstacles or struggles you faced? 

Didn’t really have any since I had a small background in game development that allowed me to feel comfortable when working on the projects.

Do you have any fun anecdotes to share about your time in the bootcamp? Make good friends? Fond memories? 

I ended up founding a group of all veterans that worked together to understand the concepts going through the course. Still chat with them and help out when I can.

When your graduation date was approaching, how did you feel about your skills and job prospects?

I felt good, I already had job offers lined up even before leaving which made me feel secure in my future. 

How did the job hunt go? Where did you land a job?

Seamless, the company that hired me on as a full-stack engineer was Adyton.

Beyond the coding expertise, did the bootcamp give you anything else? 

The 20 minute rule was a big help and the ability to just talk to a rock or duck to think out loud is fundamental.

What advice do you have for others who are interested in coding bootcamps or who are just starting one?

Understand that most boot camps are designed to throw a lot of knowledge at you in a short amount of time. You won’t become an expert on everything in that short amount of time, but find what you love and keep working at it.

What are your goals/dreams for the future, say 5 or 10 years from now?

I hope to transition out of software engineering and swap to game development. 

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